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John Pickard
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Thumbs up Dirk Q&A #1 - Your Questions

And, we're off!

This is an opportunity for you to ask Dirk questions you've always wanted to ask him but haven't had the chance. You've seen his convention videos, maybe even seen him in person, and you've heard all the questions he's asked time after time; and how often have you thought “Why couldn't they have asked him about...?” Well, here you go.

Naturally, there are some guidelines, and I'd like to thank our regular cast of characters (and some of them are real characters) for their help in putting them together. These will help me maintain my sanity, at the very least...

1. First off, please limit your questions to just 2 or 3 maximum. We have no idea how many questions we're going to collect for Dirk to answer, so we don't want hundreds and hundreds of them to have to sift through.

And if you do have more than one question, please list them in order of priority. If the list of questions we get is too long for a single sitting, I will trim it to a manageable length. However, I WILL NOT DISCARD ANY QUESTION!! If I do trim the list, I'll save the trimmed questions for another Q&A session.

2. We want to avoid people asking the same question over and over, so please read the entire thread before you post your questions. Exact duplicate questions will be dropped, and closely-related questions may be combined; it'll be easier for Dirk to answer them that way.

3. There may be a temptation to ask questions that get too personal – you know, the “NSFW” variety. Please don't. Please refrain from proposing marriage, requesting autographs, asking “Why don't you ever come to my town” questions (it's probably because the event in your town didn't invite him, FYI), or that kind of thing.

(And if you're here because you are an event organizer and want to invite him to your event, please use the “Contact” function under the “Site Info” tab at the top of this page.)

I will do my very best to present the questions to Dirk exactly as asked.

This thread will be for questions ONLY, and it will be left open for one week. Next Friday evening (PST), the thread will be closed and we'll start prepping the questions for Dirk.

If you want to discuss the questions being asked or want to compare notes with the others, go here: https://www.dirkbenedictcentral.com/f...ead.php?t=1325

For this, the inaugural Q&A with Dirk, we opted not to collect question via social media, but to collect all the questions here. In order to post on this message board, you must be a member; fortunately, registration is both free and easy, just follow the links at the top of the page, and I should have your membership approved 'round about dinner time (Pacific time zone), maybe a little after.

Let's have some fun with this...
See Dirk's appearance schedule here: Appearances

Our Facebook page: DBC Facebook Page

We're on Twitter: @DBCdotCOM
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Question Re: Dirk Q&A #1 - Your Questions

Dear Mr. Benedict,

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I just want to say that aside from The A-Team, I really enjoy watching Chopper One and Ruckus.

As for the questions, I have two:

1. What kind of music do you listen to? What are some of your favorite songs?

2. Considering all of your acting roles to date, which role was the biggest challenge for you and why?

I hope you return to Megacon in Orlando or Tampa soon. I would love to meet you!


Anne G.

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Default Re: Dirk Q&A #1 - Your Questions

Just a couple of queries....
Did you feel any of the earthquakes that hit this year?
What is your favorite form or type of dance you like to be a participant?
Are you coaching soccer for kids in the future?
Be yourself so I may be myself. -moonlustere
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Smile Re: Dirk Q&A #1 - Your Questions

Hello Dirk,
First of all, thanks a lot for your great work

Here are my questions :
1. Can we expect a new book (soon?)?
2. Do you collect something?
3. What kind of television shows/series/movies do you like yourself to watch?
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Default Question for Dirk

Hello Mr. Benedict,
All your years of eating Macro, what has been the most delicious Macro dish/meal you have had? And/or you, yourself have made?
Thanks, Val
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Michele Ann
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Default Re: Dirk Q&A #1 - Your Questions


What's your favorite holiday and why?
Favorite place you've traveled?
What's the greatest joy you obtain when you write?
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Default Re: Dirk Q&A #1 - Your Questions

Ok...here we go....
1. Why were there some actors in multiple roles in the A-Team show? Nobody else wanted to join?
Like Ismael Carlo....he was in "A small and deadly war", "The only church in town"," A lease with an option to kill" and "Sherrifs of Rivertown"...
Or Jack Ging...in "A small and deadly war" , "Bad time on the border" and of course later as Fullbright .

2.I've heard you are a fan of Borussia Dortmund...I grew up near Dortmund, so I am a fan as well. Now I am living in Idaho...
Do you still watch games of the BVB and if so...where ?? ESPN? I have to listen to those games on the radio because I dont know where to watch them...so any tip?

3. in the episode "Quaterback sneak" why were the Germans played by Americans? (I mean the small parts....like the guy who sais he is sweating....he used the word Schweissing...and that word doesnt exist )
Why not hire Germans to do those small parts?

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Default Re: Dirk Q&A #1 - Your Questions

Dear Dirk,

How are you doing?
Thank you so much for giving us the chance to set up this Q&A on the board. Really cool! I hope you'll have as much fun with this as we are having right now.
I think the best way to start this thing is by just asking away. So, that’s what I’ll do…

Topic 1:
Now this topic may seem a bit obscure and I probably could find the answer on the web somewhere, but that’s nowhere as much fun as asking you.
During the first season of the A-team (Vegas episode), the way you wrap the rifle strap around your arm before ‘taking aim’ caught my eye. Throughout the series you are the only one who does so and it looks like you don’t even think about it, even when shooting ‘from the hip’. This had me puzzled because the cast members with actual military experience leave it dangling about. I asked my dad, who has served in the Dutch army during the 80s but he looked at me like I was an idiot ha-ha. So, no help there.
I did some research and found that it has something to do with stability? Bear in mind that I have zero experience with actual firearms, but in archery the quest for stability throughout the shot cycle is a perpetual one. Hence my interest in this.

Does it make a difference in the sight picture or stability? Were you taught to shoot like this or is it something you picked up along the way?

Topic 2:
This one is inspired by a topic on the board and the way your fictional military career has never really taken off. A Lieutenant in the 70s, still one in the 80’s... You should have been a General by now! We wondered if that was a stipulation in your contracts? Wahaha oh my, I’m such an awful woman.
Alright, getting back in serious mode. My question is this: Do you feel as though you fell into the type casting trap after the big success of for example Battlestar Galactica? As I was writing this I kept thinking that you are just very recognizable. Your movements etc. are very much like a signature. Maybe that’s what makes you stand out?

My cheeks are hurting from grinning so much. Thank you again for your willingness to participate. I will eagerly await your response.

From the Netherlands and with lots of love

PS: Flyin'girl is dyin' to know if you might ever be persuaded to do a blog here on the board. Weekly, monthly, heck even annually would be amazing! I thought to ask for her as she already spent her three questions. It won't be long before a black market for questions will appear
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Default Re: Dirk Q&A #1 - Your Questions

Dear Dirk,

Thanks so much for doing this. We know how much you appreciate your fans, and believe me, we love you right back!

Here are my questions:
  • Why did you want to become a pilot, and/or what do you love most about flying? (Did you actually fly the seaplane while filming the movie "Alaska"?)

  • You have led an extraordinary life. As you've written in your books, and mentioned in interviews, many of your personal and professional experiences weren't planned; they just sort of fell into place... I think a lot of us can relate to that. If you could relive just one of those experiences, knowing what you know now, what would it be? What (if anything) might you do differently?

  • OK, just for fun... Imagine you have been granted a day of freedom. Tomorrow morning you have no commitments; you will wake up with unlimited resources, anywhere in the world you want to be. You can choose any one living person, outside your immediate family, to spend this day with you. Where, how, and with whom will you spend the day?

Thanks again for indulging us! Wishing you a very happy holiday season.

All my love,
Erin (Flyngirl5) - xoxo
“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” — Mae West.
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Default Re: Dirk Q&A #1 - Your Questions

Hi Dirk,

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to answer questions from fans like us! Here are mine:

1) It was widely known that the A-Team was mainly filmed around southern California, yet the series had several episodes that supposedly took place in other locations including New York City and Chicago. Were there any episodes you wish had been actually filmed on location in these other cities and which ones? Have you had a chance to visit these some of these cities like New York and Chicago, and what are your thoughts of them?

2) Fans have expressed their creativity and love for a TV series by creating something called fanfiction. This is often done through writing in order to fill in missing scenes in an episode to explain plot advancement, to correct mistakes made by the writers and producers, and also create all new adventures for the characters to encounter - both for that series, as well as crossovers that involve other shows that have very similar ties. Have you ever been presented with or read fanfiction online for any of the shows that you've held roles? What are your thoughts about fanfiction in general, and do you have any favorite fanfiction?

3) There have been a lot of great shows that have been on TV since the A-Team went of the air. What TV show - from that time up to today - do you wish that you would have been given a role on, either as a guest or as a series regular? What role would you have liked to have had or a storyline that you could have been involved with, and why did you pick that series?

Thank you again for taking time to answer these questions, as well as for all of your work throughout the years that has brought us so much entertainment!


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Dirkette - Balance is key
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Default Re: Dirk Q&A #1 - Your Questions

Dear Dirk,

I'd really like to start by thanking you for doing this Q&A. We're all huge fans of your work and we appreciate you taking the time to answering our questions It wasn't easy for me to pick out a couple of questions (I had like a list of them)

1. My first question is one about the A-team and more specifically about the episode 'Without reservations' of the 5th season. Your character/Face gets shot and is seriously injured. I wonder how you prepare for scenes like that as an actor to make it all believable to the audience. Have you done some research of some kind? And do you think the team would have gotten their pardon in the end?

2. As an actor do you have any input whatsoever in the roles you are playing? Can you e.g. decide on certain character traits you want that person to have, have any saying in wardrobe, decide which stunts you want to do yourself, ...

3. I once heard in an interview on the Belgian TV (the show was called 'De laatste show') that your son tried out at the soccer league of Lierse. I was wondering whether you were able to spend some time in Belgium and did you like our country?

A big thank you for doing this I really appreciate this and I'm looking forward to reading your answers. Hope you had a marvelous Thanksgiving.

With lots of love from Belgium,
LittleMonkeyDog xxx

BTW: Did you know that Nance actually came up with this idea? I just wanted to let you know
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Annelise Lauridsen
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Default Re: Dirk Q&A #1 - Your Questions

Dear Mr. Benedict

Thanks for being you - a talented and very charming actor whose life experience helps along being that, and life experience you most certainly have, a long with a wonderful personality.

You are great together with “Murdock” in the A-Team series and vice versa!

You are generous in sharing yourself and your experiences through interviews and the great books you wrote. However, not everybody can read English. MY QUESTION IS:

*) Wouldn’t you like to have your books translated into other languages? - Maybe especially your book,"Confessions of a Kamikaze Cowboy", which by the way would be in Danish, "En kamikaze cowboys bekendelser".

I have read your two books with great pleasure and have thereby got the push I needed in the direction of changing my eating habits. I’m at the stage of experimenting, but already I have been rewarded with a weight loss. Awesome!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours truly,
Annelise Lauridsen
Holstebro, Denmark
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Philosopher ain't no job
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Default Re: Dirk Q&A #1 - Your Questions

Dear Dirk,

Thank you not only for taking part in this Q&A, but also for compelling me to answer so many questions in my own mind after reading your books. I read both of them this year for the first time, and each one came into my life at the right moment to further propel me along a very difficult and exciting journey. Although I've found answers to the most important questions on my own, here are a few things I'd like to hear your answers for:

1) In Confessions of a Kamikaze Cowboy you frequently use Judeo-Christian terminology to describe the principles and practice of macrobiotics. As someone who has both studied the Bible extensively and researched nutrition to a greater degree than the average person, I’ve concluded that (believe it or not) avoiding the coffee, donuts, and pineapple upside-down cake is more in line with biblical principles than the alternative. However, here's what I'm still debating: Do you think it’s possible to adopt a fully macrobiotic lifestyle if you are already devoted to a separate comprehensive belief system? Can you give reasoning and/or examples to support your answer?

2) This question was inspired by your writing style in And Then We Went Fishing: Could you describe how you realized you were a writer and what genres you’ve tried writing over time – e.g., have you ever written fiction or formal poetry?

3) Whenever my dad and I have been talking about ideas and life truths, he'll often reference a line from his favorite movie and say, "This has been a good conversation." As a Communication Studies major I'm always trying to figure out what makes the best conversations, so I'd like to know... what do you consider to be the qualities of a good conversation?

Speaking of conversations, this has been a fun half-interaction, and I'm excited to see the other half eventually. Hope December is a profitable month for you - whether "profitable" means productive, relaxing, or some of both.

"The tantalizing discomfort of perplexity is what inspires otherwise ordinary men and women to extraordinary feats of ingenuity and creativity; nothing quite focuses the mind like dissonant details awaiting harmonious resolution."
- Brian Greene
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Default Re: Dirk Q&A #1 - Your Questions

Hello. Greetings from Norway. I admire your courage and am glad that you changed your diet. I grew up with oatmeal for breakfast :-) My question is: Were there days you doubted yourself? Your new choises? What did you do to keep your positive energy?
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Default Re: Dirk Q&A #1 - Your Questions

Have you ever considered reprising your role as Starbuck in later years - if a role was ever written? Would you ever consider doing a fan base movie like done on star trek?
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Default Re: Dirk Q&A #1 - Your Questions

Hello Dirk, I think it's a dream that I'm writing you a story that I follow since I was 14 years old when I saw the A-TEAM series, until today I see it, my questions go: 1-What anecdote graceful memories During the shootings of Galactica and A-TEAM, 2-with which of these two characters you identify more Starbuck or Templenton "FACEMAN" Peck, 3-December 9 years and my desire is to receive a surprise on your part would be my best present.
Kisses ANY from Argentina
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AteamLOVER 15
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Default Re: Dirk Q&A #1 - Your Questions

Hello Mr.Benedict,
Here are my 3 questions for you:
-first: What is your the biggest dream?
-second: What is your favourite place where you like to be?
-third: What was the greatest moment of your life?

Those are my questions, I'm waiting for answers

You're my favorite actor and a great idol.
Greetings from Poland
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Default Re: Dirk Q&A #1 - Your Questions

Good evening,

Here are my questions:
1. Are you (and Roland) enjoying being business owners and are you understanding all the business/accounting terminology, reports, and financial statements?

2. Do you compose music as well as play it?

3. What did you learn by participating in Celebrity Big Brother? (Shilpa needed a pyrometer to test the internal temp of the chicken; the others were quick to criticize her cooking, but didn't seem to want to cook themselves.)

Vielen Dank.
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Default Re: Dirk Q&A #1 - Your Questions

Hello Dirk,

I have a few questons that I want to ask you.

1. What is the best place for you to be when you want to be alene and be yourself?
2. Are you planning on writing a third book?
3. How important is music in your life?


Tina (Denmark)

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Default Re: Dirk Q&A #1 - Your Questions

Is there any possibility for The Great Dilemma to be published?

Thanks so much for doing this, Dirk.
Maria R. C.
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Default Re: Dirk Q&A #1 - Your Questions

Hi Dirk,

Thanks for doing this.

Q1, You're quoted as saying you're happy to share what you know or think you know about finding some serenity in this lifetime. What would be you're biggest advice?

Q2, What do you do with the majority of your time at home?

Q3, What would you consider to be the most important thing for anyone starting out with macrobiotics to know/bear in mind/adhere to/start off with?
Take care,


"No one is going to save you, you have to save yourself. No one is going to give you anything, you have to go out and fight for it. No one knows what you want except you, and no one will be as sorry as you if you don't get it. So, don't give up your dreams!" - Barry Manilow
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Default Re: Dirk Q&A #1 - Your Questions


1. Do you mind saying which of your ancestors were the first to come to the States?

2. Would you consider, or is it possible, for you and Dwight to do a commentary for the A-TEAM?
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Default Re: Dirk Q&A #1 - Your Questions


Hello everyone.
This is the first time I have done this so please bear with me.
Q1- when are you going to write the rest of your life story for us?
Q2- how is your sons company doing? Love the website for it.

Thank you for your fantastic site - John and Dirk.
With love

Joy mistakenly posted this in the Q&A Discussion thread earlier today. She hasn't returned so will probably not learn she posted in the wrong thread until after the deadline. John and I live in the same time zone so I'm transferring her post here so her questions will get answered.

You're welcome......
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John Pickard
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Default Re: Dirk Q&A #1 - Your Questions

Perfect, ojai, and thanks!

And, on that note, we conclude the "Q" part of the Q&A.

Thank you, everyone, for participating! These are terrific questions! Now, while Dirk is in Manchester (and he is in Manchester - go check out our Twitter account because I retweeted a picture of him arriving!), I'll get these questions ready for him.

(Dramatic pause)

No, he hasn't had a chance to answer them yet.

See Dirk's appearance schedule here: Appearances

Our Facebook page: DBC Facebook Page

We're on Twitter: @DBCdotCOM
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