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Default Re: Hello from Germany, new member here!

Originally Posted by Vballspieler View Post

You will learn the tricks to posting. The regular group will be able to help you out. If you need some magic done, let Dawg (a.k.a John, a.k.a our fearless webmaster) know. He can move posts or make them look amazing.

I don't think Dirk has any regrets leaving Hollywood. He would much rather be who he is rather then pc and living in a mansion. Living in the country is so different than living in LA. Montana is also much colder than California, so maybe he misses the warmth when it's freezing cold outside.
VBS is right! You'll get a hang of the tricks to posting soon and we're all here to help you if we can (but John is the one with the magic ).

And I also agree that I don't think Dirk regrets leaving Hollywood and is happy with the life he's leading.
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