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Default Re: Hello from Germany, new member here!

Ty ty all, such a sweet welcome. I already feel home.

How do you quote in here from different posts? Just to make my answers appear a bit more sorted...

Thanks for pointing me to the conventions thread, I've bookmarked it. I'd love to see the goofball on stage one day (preferably together with Dwight Schultz, those two together are so funny) and having the books signed would be awesome, too.

The second one arrived this morning btw.... I'm so scared to read it, especially after I watched a bit of BB some days ago when everyone was ganging up on Dirk and he was so upset. BB is nothing against what I'm about to read though.. so scared.

As for him deserving more credit for his acting, I totally agree. But then again, his fans remember him to this day and also the media (at least over here) keeps remembering him and brings him up every now and then. I do not know anyone in my family or of my friends or even colleagues who does not know him and very much appreciates what he (and the others of course) did for us. Dirk must feel all the love on conventions and hopefully it makes him realize that while he was rejected by the establishment, his fans have always loved him.

Besides, you never know what everything was good for. He seems very content with his life despite all the setbacks. Whenever a door closes another one opens. And honestly I'm not sure I would have liked it if Hollywood had absorbed him entirely if he had become as big a star as the likes of Brad Pitt or Leo DiCaprio. I'm pretty sure if Dirk had played the Hollywood game and bent himself he could have been able to rise to such heights, but at what cost? He wouldn't be the same because he would have had to keep his mouth shut, hide his conservative stance and always talk politically correct. That and he'd have lost his privacy entirely because tabloids are evil. Add very successful to smoking hot and the chase is on, they would have been on his tail all the time in the hope to find anything which they can morph into a scandal. The way it is now is the right way, it is his way.

I rather see a real person who is down to earth than a fake uber celebrity who is unable to speak his mind.
- Some people hear their own inner voices with great clearness. And they live by what they hear. Such people become crazy... or they become legend. -

~Jim Harrison
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