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Default Re: Hello from Germany, new member here!


Thanks for the nice welcome.

I still have a LOT of catching up to do, so your suggestions to check out certain threads are greatly appreciated. The interview was very interesting (and long!), the interviewer was great. One can tell that Dirk felt very comfortable. I might comment more about it later in the related thread.

But Youtube is sooooo evil! I watch one video and Youtube suggests another, and another, and another (and there are so many!). And so time flies and often I realize at around 2am or so that maybe, maybe I should get some sleep before work. I'm starting to get fatigue… and I haven't even gotten all DVDs yet and haven't started reading book no. 2. My poor soul is lost.

Hey one question about what you wrote… is there a way to find out when and where Dirk is going to attend a convention? Depending on where it will be it would require some planning on my end to be able to go there.
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