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Default Re: Survey: A Day With a Fictional Character

“Do you? Great! Can’t wait to hear about them,” Face said.
“So what would you like to add to your wardrobe? Something casual or a little more formal?”
“Well … Hannibal is screening a new client, so I could do with a new suit and some matching shirts for my next scam, but I’d also like to add a few items to my casual wardrobe. And what about my tux? Do you think I need a new one?”
“Well I have seen a new one that I know would look perfect on you. It’s very stylish.”
“Stylish huh? I like the sound of that.”
“Yes, I knew you would. Well this one consists of a white vest and a pair of black pants topped with a custom made white shirt, a pale blue bow tie and matching belt. I could totally picture you in it. With a tan like yours, you’ll look super handsome in this one.”
Face just had to smile at the compliment he got.
“And what do you think about a pair of new chinos? Or do you prefer a pair of jeans?”
“I don’t know really.”
“Well a pair of chinos can be worn a bit more casual chic especially if you wear them with a nice sweater and a shirt underneath it.”
“Yeah. I like that idea a lot. Sounds good. What about the color?”
“Well, I was thinking something a bit different. What about a black pair of chinos, a black slim fit shirt and a red sweater to brighten it all up a bit.”
“I like that,” he said flashing his million dollar smile.
“If you’d like to add a pair of new jeans to your collection, I can totally recommend the latest skinny fit by Armani. I’m sure you’d like them. They’re a perfect match for someone with a slender frame such as you.”
“Nice. And what should I wear with that one?”
“How about we top it off with a nice checkered shirt for a real casual look?”
“You’re the expert. You’ve never failed me. I trust you completely.”
“I can also totally picture you in this new navy and white striped Gucci sweater. I just got it yesterday and had to think of you straight away.”
“You had to think of me just because of the clothes?”
“No, silly. You know I like you!”
“You just like me?” he teased and had to smile as he made Angela blush a scarlet red. “I’ll make it up to you. I promise,” he said still smiling.
“You better! So to get back to business. You also needed a new suit?”
“Do we really?”
“Yes we do! Racquel could be walking through that door any minute now.”
“Right. Yes, I am in need of a new suit and some shirts for my latest scam. The previous one didn’t really survive the last mission we were on.”
“Delicate fabrics and designer outfits are not really compatible with fist fights.”
“You think?”
“Can you be serious for like five minutes?”
“I’ll try.”
“Charming. Where was I? Oh right. Suit.”
“What do you have in mind?”
“We could go with either a traditional looking grey suit and a light blue shirt with a matching tie or a light blue vest paired with sand colored pants and an off white shirt.”
“Ah … but you prefer the last option.”
“You know me too well! So, do you also know where I’d like you to take me for dinner?”
“Let me see if I can charm my way out of this mess first, shall we.”
“I don’t doubt that for a minute.”
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