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Default Fanfiction: No Exit

I wrote this fic a while back as kinda an exploation to the Return of Starubkc episode and why those Beings of Light would have tested Starbuck (because without the unaired episodes, you ogtta admit, it's a bit random, they already knew he was willing to give his life for others!)

It's a Dark Take on 'em though.

Title: No Exit
Author/Artist: ani_bester
Rating: PG
characters involved: Apollo, Starbuck
Notes Based on the Episode "The Return of Starbuck"
And obviously this isn't slash or I wold not be linking it here.
Starbuck and Apollo are very close but this is for me an exploration of Agape/philia type love (Think Sam and Frodo in canonicle text). English just lacks decent vocabulary in this area, so the word 'love' comes up
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