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I would like to one thing perfectly clear. I have been an animal lover all of my life. I have joined the OSPCA(Ontario Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) three years ago. I still feel very strongly that animals are God's creatures. I don't want to even eat chicken now and am going to stop eating chicken. I stopped eating red meat completely and that was almost eight years ago. And another thing is a lot of animals lovers do eat meat. It's a fact. Sad, but indeed true. I am not living by a double standard. I know precisely how animals are killed. When I was in college training to be a vet assistant, I saw a slaughter house. It was disgusting. My career path pulled me towards computers. I have thought for many years about becoming a vegetarian. Look at what Dirk went through by eating meat and now he is no longer eating meat. I am going to be doing the same. Another thing and I mean no disrespect to anyone by this, to anyone. Do not judge me, I don't judge anyone else here nor do I intend to. Just because I was eating meat for a while, does not mean that I am not an animal lover. I have always been an animal lover, ever since I was a child. Also. a lot of us were raised eating meat. Does that mean that all of those people aren't animal lovers? CERTAINLY NOT.

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