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Anne..when you said 'meat'....did you mean chicken ? I can't remember your ever having said that you eat meat...just fish and occasionally, chicken. I belong to a group which promotes animal welfare, too. Wild animals here and abroad ). I do, feel emotional about animals and I'm glad to. A moral sense is just a set of rules, if emotions aren't involved at all, because as humans we have emotions which help us to survive. I think it's fine, to love 'kittens, bunnies ' etc etc providing that the feeling is extended to other creatures too, but often it's a stepping stone particularly with children ie be good to what you know and then cotton on to being good to creatures you don't, know.Since a child, I've always thought when seeing meat eg in shops.." Dead cow, dead lamb, dead pig..". When I was about five my mum tried telling me that meat doesn't come from real, animals. She says that the expression on my face was " Who are you trying to kid ". Whether it's love of animals, intellectual reasons or a mixture of those, doesn't matter providing that it works in influencing people to stop eating meat. Perhaps if we called it love of animals rather than sentiment, it would help. Love, is a pretty good and powerful emotion.
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