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Originally Posted by Genny
We certainly like Dirk's writing very much, so perhaps if he knows...he might write some more ? I'm impressed also that he writes as a a talented author rather than going for just the usual celebrity stuff which is written by a 'ghost' writer, tells us nothing we don't already know and is of no use to anyone ! :shock: Of course..he's written plays and scripts as well, hasn't he. It fascinates me..the difference in quality between Dirk's writing and his conversation and humour..and n the other hand the fact that he hasn't been offered enough top film roles...and he'd have been great, in Boston Legal, or The name a few.
Yes Genny, v interesting. I noticed that on CBB5 a lot of the time Dirk was responding in terms of vibes and emotions of the people around him. I think he would have completely different conversations with everyone he meets. In part that's good, but it might mean that he 'dumbs down' a lot :shock: so that may be casting directors etc haven't really appreciated his intelligence! Sad but hey - he knows what to do - he's done it once before - if he really wants to he can write another script himself! Actually I'd prefer another book - did he say he didn't want to write it for another year or so - Roland's still in High School? *taps feet trying to be patient, but failing!*

Best wishes all
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