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Originally Posted by Genny
Dirk's writing is brilliant. He knows how to engage attention and then take the reader on a journey. It's difficult to forget anything he writes . He is also so right in the point he makes. The way he makes us feel what he, must have felt like being served puppy, twice...and of course he knows, that the reader will be horrified too..and then he takes us further, to the horror of what is ..mass murder of animals most people don't think about at all when they consume them. If Dirk had never been an actor and I had no idea what he looks like etc..I'd want to read his work. It's not only superb in terms of writing skill but in terms of subject matter. I love Ray Bradbury's short stories. They are stunningly well written. Dirk has that skill.
Genny, you seem to know what I am thinking and put it into words for me. I am not much of a reader so if I do read something then it must be good. And the way Dirk has put this subject over, his writing is amazing! I want to read more from Dirk. He engages, keeps the attention and has a good point to get across.
I am one of those people who could not kill my food. In fact, I couldn't even eat something that still had the shape of the animal. Example, a whole chicken - I couldn't cook it, I couldn't carve it and I couldn't eat it if it still resembled the bird. I being veggie, will never have to kill my food (apart from fish - lol!).
I want to say a BIG thank you to Dirk for setting me on the right path. I'm sitll going and I can feel the benefits.
And I wish I could write like Dirk too. But an even bigger wish is that I get to read more wonderful Dirk writings *hint hint*
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