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Default Re: Dear Dirk... A Petition ❤ ❤ ❤

Originally Posted by flyngirl5 View Post
I absolutely love that idea. I've watched pretty much all of the convention interviews (and saw a couple in person!) - it's frustrating when he's starting what sounds like it's going to be a good story but then gets sidetracked, or worse, interrupted.
Me too! I've watched a lot of convention interviews too and been to a couple of them in person as well. I actually think it's kind of funny how he gets sidetracked all the time. But I don't like it when he gets interrupted.

Originally Posted by flyngirl5 View Post
Last convention I went to, a volunteer interrupted him to let him know he had to wrap up and go to his photo session. Of course all his fans were sitting right there because we weren't about to miss his talk. So he responded, "Who's over there? They're all right here!" LOL! Duh!

Originally Posted by flyngirl5 View Post
, I don't like it when the volunteers and/or moderators interrupt the celebrities. (Dude, we are here to listen to him, not you.) It's not like comic conventions are ridiculously formal, structured events. Some celebs seem uncomfortable with the more open and intimate format, so I can understand a moderator wanting to help them out. But Dirk's a great off-the-cuff speaker, so that's why we're there.
Exactly the reason why we're there !!!!
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