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Default Re: Dear Dirk... A Petition ❤ ❤ ❤

On the contrary, I LOVED it!!! Very well said. It's interesting to read the thoughts of a talented blogger (as LD14 has demonstrated), because you feel more connected to them (via the stream-of-consciousness thing).

This is true of some writers (such as Dirk) who also have that informal, *real* feel to their work, as if they are speaking to you in a conversational tone instead of trying to use big words and impress everybody. (People actually do that on social media. I think it's weird.)

Frankly, I'm not intimidated *enough* by hitting "Send" or "Publish" when I write stuff online. It's gotten me into trouble on more than one occasion! But at least I have the confidence in knowing that I don't censor and filter myself beyond recognition, so it's even more comforting when people like my ideas - that they are really appreciating something about me...

100% agree with LD14 on this one! Blogs are fun!! You also get the instant gratification of "likes" and comments on your thoughts.

Although, if you *don't* want to end up like Ann Coulter, I guess it's good to reign in the political stuff. I personally don't reign in the political stuff. But, I'm not a celebrity like Dirk or Ann Coulter.

I'm rambling. Damn it, LD14. ❤❤❤
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