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Default Re: Survey: A Day With a Fictional Character

“What did I do?” Face asked Angela.

“I think she likes you, but you are not always the upstanding All-American citizen. She doesn’t want to be put in a bad situation. Look, you and I have worked together for many years, so I know you and your unit were wrongly accused and convicted. But she works for the government. You are still considered a criminal in her eyes. She’s allowing you to step outside…. without being in hand-cuffs. I think if you are honest with her, she will come up with a fair solution. The A-team helps people in need. You guys are not hostile Mercenaries.

Do you want to step outside? We can continue to talk out there. I know how much you love your cigars,” Angela said as she, too, got up from the table. “Come on Face. Where’s the smile that you’re famous for?”

Face smiled at Angela, got up and walked with her outside. “You’re right. I’m being too sensitive. I can charm my way out of anything. I can spin this, so that it ends favorably for me.” Angela handed a Face a cigar as they walked outside. “There’s a bench over here,” Angela said as she pointed off to the left. “It’s a pretty nice out here. I hope we aren’t inside all day answering questions.”

A short time later, Face and Angela walked back into the conference room. Racquel was still not back. “Should we be worried?” Face asked Angela. “She’s very passionate about her job. I expected her to be ready and waiting for us.”

“Yes, she is” answer Angela. “I think she will be back momentarily. You know, we still have some wine in the bottle. Would you like a glass?”

“Yes, that would be very nice,” Face responded to Angela.

Angela poured two glasses of wine. “Prost” she said as they clinked glasses and took a sip. “We could discuss what you would like to add to your wardrobe while we are waiting. I have some ideas…”
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