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Question Best source?

Hey folks,

I stumbled over a couple BB videos on Youtube when I was actually looking for convention videos. I wonder what is the best source to watch them online.

I've found a series on Youtube with 26 episodes which seem to be one hour summaries that were presented on TV back then. But I also found a few clips that showed situations in the house that were not in the one hour summary. So I wonder where those come from.

I read somewhere here in the forum that there are videos on Youtube with (then) live streams but I cannot find them. Does anyone know if they are still online and where to find them?

The few videos I've watched so far just made me adore Dirk even more. Especially his skipping, dancing and goofyness was nice to look at (laughed my ass off when he started his silly dance at the Jackson 5 party). I wonder if he was that silly during breaks while filming the A-Team, too. Could as well have played Murdock himself.
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