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Smile Re: Hello from Germany, new member here!

Hi Melli a very warm welcome to you, I really enjoyed reading your intro it's great!

I loved watching The A-Team when I was younger with my brother's over my grandparents house on a Saturday showing repeats but memories of some episodes were dwindling as I got older, which happens. So skipping 20 years or so listening to my partner's memories of watching the show, we decided to gradually get each season, and the episodes that were a dwindling memory came back Faceman and Murdock were/are my favourite Characters and have been a fan of Dirks ever since. Really enjoy Battlestar Galactica and was so pleased when I finally got the box set. Seen a segment of the remake, it's wasn't the same glad I saw the original first and that's how it will stay.
We have also read both books. Strangely I found out about ATWWF first (was engrossed immediately) and then saw he wrote a book previous to that but it was a good while before I purchased, it was in the back of my mind to get CKC and I actually got it I feel at the right time for us (again, engrossed and very eye opening). We met Dirk last year when he visited the UK and very kindly signed both books (can't believe it was almost a year ago!) Love his writing style and love the fact he speaks his mind, is not afraid to be himself and encourages people to be themselves. He certainly deserves more credit than he's been given for his acting and it's such a shame he hasn't been given more parts.
Hope you enjoy yourself here Melli everyone is so lovely I have felt so welcome here

"Life has never been easy. Nor is it meant to be. It is a matter of being joyous in the face of sorrow".
Dirk Benedict.

From one of my all-time favourite comedians....
"Laughter is the greatest music in the world and audience's come to my shows to escape the cares of life.
They don't want to be embarrassed or insulted. They want to laugh and so do I -which is probably why it works"
Ken Dodd (R.I.P)

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