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Default Re: Published articles?

Hi All, I am new here and a bit overwhelmed with all the info on this site! But it seems difficult to find published articles or interviews with Dirk about his works. (Besides of course BSG & The A-Team).
About "Cahoots" for instance there is not much to find about what brought Dirk to write and direct it, how the cast was assembled, how his ex-wife got cast, how it was for his son (did he watch the movie being this young), how Anne Lockhart came to co-direct, how it was financed, why he dedicated it to Gloria Swanson's husband, If there is a reason Patsy Kline's music was used, why the main character comes from Alaska (is it a coincidence he also made a movie "Alaska", his brother lived there for a while, ...) I really cannot find any feedback on this film (except for why it did not came out on DVD).
Does anyone know if there is some kind of archive of interviews with and articles about dirk's works?
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