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Default Re: Macrobiotic books, websites, links

Books will grant you some inspiration but life will grant you the wisdom to prevail.

Take a moment to look around you. Close your eyes and try to remember what you saw.
Only the most important things will still remain in your memory. Those are your links to a material wish, emotional attachment or something that grounds you personally.

Focus on what grounded you. Think of it as a seesaw. There is a pivot point in the center that rests upon the ground. On either side depending on the material item or the emotional need is how you are balanced. Too much emotion swings you one way and too much material will bring you in the other direction.

By finding what grounds you, you find your center. Then you find your balance.

The same exists with what you eat. You crave certain items; you require others. The answers you want are right there.

I am just an individual that was granted a second chance. I am not an expert in anything. Well wishes on your journey.
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