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Default BSG Blu ray box set with cool extras

Hey folks,

did you guys also get the blu ray box set? I just finished watching everything and I'm amazed by the great quality. I enjoyed especially the extras. Very interesting to watch all the behind the scenes work (had lots of Dirk!). I think it's the first time I've seen some of Dirk's bloopers. Wish they had added some for the A-Team box set as well.

And I wish they had used the original cast for the 1980 revival, I think the show would have been lasted longer then.

Also, finally got to see the whole show in the right order, that always had me confused when it was running on tv. They mixed the episodes up all the time in the re-runs.

Now after re-watching A-Team first and BSG after I realize how much both characters Starbuck and Face are alike. They're even both orphans. Back in the 80s I didn't realize that, but it totally explains why I fell for Face instantly.
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