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Smile Re: Comic Con Scotland 2018 (10-11 Nov. 2018)

Originally Posted by LittleMonkeyDog View Post
Thanks so much for posting this here, WelsPoppy30! I had to miss the panel in real life unfortunately, because I had a flight home to catch But it's so nice to be able to hear (and see) it now. I do agree with all of them. The new Battlestar will never ever become as popular as the original one which was/is/will be loved by people of all ages.
Also I had the pleasure to meet all 4 of them at the Battlestar photoshoot and they're super nice people
No problem LMD so glad you enjoyed watching it, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and was lovely seeing them all up there together
I remembering you saying that you couldn't stay for the Q&A but I'm so happy you got to meet them all and have a photo.
I feel the same, even though the new BSG had a longer running time, the original deserved to have that also, but it made a huge impact and has a huge following regardless. I have never seen the reimagined show, I wanted to see the original first and got the box set a year ago, wish I bought it sooner.

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