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Default Re: All-Con, Dallas, Texas

Just a quick PSA that in the recent past, budgets were evaluated and tickets were impulsively bought, so I will happen to be at the aforementioned location on the aforementioned weekend, and I will come prepared to attempt to record the momentous occasion for posterity (or at least the Internet).

My life inbox is running full at the moment between hectic work and sleep and extracurricular activities, so I may not be very responsive to comments on this topic, especially since I need to keep my emotions at a satisfactory level for focusing on detail work through next Friday. I will try to give a concise but satisfactory report complete with evidence that will hold up in court at the conclusion of these proceedings.

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"The tantalizing discomfort of perplexity is what inspires otherwise ordinary men and women to extraordinary feats of ingenuity and creativity; nothing quite focuses the mind like dissonant details awaiting harmonious resolution."
- Brian Greene
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