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What's the most embarassing thing your child has done?

John McArony, Retired (2010-present)

When my daughter was small, she had the habit of walking around sucking her thumb, with her hand under her dress and her finger in her belly-button.
Problem was, during her excavations, she scratched her belly-button till it started bleeding. We tried to put a band-aid over it to stop her digging in there, but she always managed to scratch it off.

The wound just kept getting worse and worse.

Eventually, I sat her down and said, We need to have a serious talk. Do you know what a serious talk is? Its when we talk about something really, really important. Its something grownups do, but this is something specially important, and I need to talk to you about this, okay?

She puts on her serious face and nods slowly.

You know how that sore in your belly-button seems to be getting all swollen? Well, if you keep on sticking your finger in there, it will make it worse, and your tummy swell up like a balloon, and keep on getting bigger and bigger until it bursts, and all your insides will fall out. You dont want that to happen do you?

Okay, okay, I was desperate, you can stone me later.
A couple of days later, we were at the supermarket and there was a hugely pregnant lady there doing her shopping.

My daughter kept on staring at her.

The lady saw her, smiled and rubbed her tummy.

My daughter yells at her, I know what youve been doing!


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