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Totally Awesome!

The music is beyond beautiful; so are the images.

SON OF PAIN by Rhapsody of Fire

While I crossed the mountainside
I recalled a memory,
days of anguish, nights of pain,
your voice lives on trapped inside my mind,

Those wise last words fade in my soul
"You had the choice, you chose the light..."

"Find your way, Darkland's Son,
spread your wings then your heart will fly..."

Thank you, angels,
I am now reborn
this may be my last breath
and my final day...

I'm the son of pain...
Welcome my new fate.

Hell's lost flame was life for me,
in that moment I felt free...
I was under an evil spell,
so now I want just to live again,
to live again.

I am proud, proud to lead my soul
to new horizons, to the golden sky
"Find your way, my brave Darkland's Son,
wizards, kings, elves and trolls.

Thank you, angels,
I am now reborn...
this may be my last breath
and my final day.

I'm the son of pain,
Welcome my new fate...

Thunder Gods I pray...
I deny Hell's flames...!

EDIT: The Italian version:


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