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Default Re: Ready for another one, Germany?

Originally Posted by Ludlum'sDaughter14 View Post
Still two weeks away?! But I'm so excited to hear all about Anja's experience! At least work is making the days go by faster than they would otherwise.

Man, it's so quiet around here! To liven things up, here are a few questions for anyone who feels like answering or offering speculation:

- Will they do a video report on the event like they did in Belgium?
- If they do such a report, will it be in German? I wouldn't mind practicing my German listening skills.
- How hard is it to make a German laugh? I feel like they don't have quite as reckless a sense of humor as some of us Americans, but that could also be based on stereotypes. Then again, there was that episode of the A-Team...
- Which state (they're called states, right?) is Stuttgart in? I was tested on all of the state names last semester and I remembered some of them. I can currently call to mind about three. Unfortunately, I never dated a Geography major.
- Why is the A-Team so much more popular in Germany than in the U.S.? I saw a German commercial about a TV network or something that showed a family watching the A-Team.
- Is "Stuttgart" just a place name or does it have a literal meaning? You know, like "Blue Valley" or something.

Okay, I think that's it with the random questions. If I could, I'd offer a prize to the person with the best answers (possibly the ones that made me laugh the most), but I am not in a position to do that, unless... I could always find you a meme or GIF and post it dedicated to you. Impress me (or at least simply find the kindness in your heart to reply) and I may do just that.
_ I hope so. That would fantastic. If they don't, Anja's there. She can send us info and I'm sure we can put something together for the forum.

_ again. Really hoping it would be in German. I can really use the practice. As if reading 286 pages of CKC in German wasn't enough practice.

_ that's nonsense. They have a good sense of humor. Just don't try to outdrink them. They hold their liquor very well. And yes, I speak from experience on both accounts.

_ Stuttgart is in Bäden_Würtenberg. Sie sind Staaten. Not to be confused with Städten. They are more like provinces like Canada has, but states to us.

_ Sie sind klüger als Amerikaner. Sie weissen es ist nur für fernsehen und sie lacheln weil sehen Sie fern.

_Stuttgart. Weil es "berg" oder "burg" könnte ich antworten, aber Gart ist nahe "Garten", so a garden of studs? . I take payment in cubits. Ich brauche mehr für Missouri. Stuttgart has two big car manufacturers located there. Something to go see. If you make it there. The landscaping is very beautiful and I believe they have a good university there. The city was laid out for walking very well.
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