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Default Re: The Official Starbuck Picture Thread

Originally Posted by ani View Post
I still feel that given we got to see Athena changing, it's a shame we didn't get to see Starbuck as well. Ah well =P

Onto Traid overload ^__^


JFM, was it you who pointed out the placement of Starbuck's hat in som eof the last few caps was . . . unfortunant?

Oh and on a you tube video of Richard speaking a con about the Triad costumes, he confirmed that Jean-Pierre . . whatever the costume guys name is (can'te ver spell it) did in fact bat for the other side and in Richar'ds words, "wanted to make sure [he and Dirk] looked good to everyone" :P
It was probably Billy pointed that out. She does have a filthy mind. Nah, I'm sure it was me!

Jean-Pierre Whatever is now my hero.
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