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Default Re: Macrobiotic books, websites, links

Balance is how we individually can be both productive and living to our best personal growth. To acquire balance you have to know yourself first. That is the most difficult journey one can ever experience.

Throughout life we sometimes try to please others and expect personal growth. Culturally speaking, in some situations, it is almost a mandate. It was a very harsh journey for me to find that balance. So to grant perspective, I can only draw from my experience and share some of it. Some of my past and the situations are too painful to address in such a forum.

As children we wander with wonder and absorb knowledge and life around us like little sponges. I was adopted from Florida and later brought to Northern Idaho as an infant. My paternal grandparents had a ranch there. My grandfather was German and Catholic and my grandmother was German and was Mormon. My parents were Mormon and my father was a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy. There was no balance happening just conflicts that came up in their lives.

To avoid what I saw, I worked on the ranch. We lived where the electricity was not consistent so I learned to cook on a wood stove. Since it was a ranch, meat was the staple of every meal.

When I was older, I had to opportunity to visit my maternal grandparents. They were rather fed up with things so they decided that I should stay with my birth family on the reservation. I found my answers to balance as provided to my by my actual great grandmother. She was a Native American traditional healer. So I learned about grain, pumpkins and finding paths that fit your feet.

When a person feels discontent in thought, food does not provide the energy you need, sleep is disrupted, dreams are disconcerting and the world seems dim then you have to find where you lost balance and mend it quickly.

For your clarity, I was a straight A honor roll student with scholarships for the first two years of college. I was a hard worker so I caused no hardship for my adoptive family. The only problem was that I was not what they wanted. They later adopted a boy and I raised myself.

If you are on a personal path to find balance, look to what brings a grin to yourself when you are lost in thought. Create a list of what brings warmth to your heart. Make another list of things that trouble you. Once you see what you need to do, the task is easy.

In 2001 I became a recluse. My brother was murdered and I was divorcing my first husband. My joint custody of our son became my sole custody due to his father's behavior. I did my best to take care of everything but it was a struggle. Our son is struggling with anger regarding what his father did. I never prevented that relationship or visitation as I felt that it is important for any child to be with both parents. In order to maintain the best for our child, I had to be the one with the balance. The sad part of the situation is that the intent of his father and his actions resulted in a permanent restraining order for me, his father in jail and a judge informing his father to leave the state and never return. There was joint custody, I paid for our son's insurance, I provided transportation and his father decided it would be best to be mean to his child. Our son is now 25 and his father is 67. Without balance I would have never been able to make sure that a child would have a chance as an adult.

Of course, I have a first edition of Dirk's book. When it was printed I was already an adult on my own. I flew planes, played keyboard in bands, did photography. I met him but never spoke with him when he flew his Cessna and landed in Felts Field where my dad was an air traffic controller. My dad was a go to guy when it came to planes and flying. As I was licensed to handle a radio, I filed a couple of flight plans for him when the station was packed and it was short handed. Somewhere with one stepmother or another is the photo album that has a couple of pictures of Dirk and my dad and one with my brother. When my dad was speaking with anyone, I did not interrupt nor did I impose myself in the conversation.

As you may have a better picture of my perspective, are you looking for personal balance or a better understanding of balance as a whole?
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