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Default Re: Late to the Party...

Thank You for the Welcomes! And I'm glad you like the smilie...I searched for a cigar smiley and most of them weren't very attractive but then I saw that cute lil' cowboy and thought "perfect!"

Originally Posted by Crazy Tommy T View Post
I'm sure I'm not the only fan who recorded every episode of CBB and quite a lot of live feed stuff too on DVD.
Crazy Tommy T...have I ever told you that you are my favorite A-Team villian?

The video I've been finding has been mostly from the YouTube user KingPotter10...I don't know if that's anyone here? Lovely Dirk clips - I'm so grateful for them, and also the daily HL's.

Lately I've been reading the WHATM CBB5 threads at the Digital Spy Forums. I love reading them, but also they will mention some moment or conversation that I haven't been able to find, alas.

I'd love to see the footage of Dirk and Jo doing the jitterbug, and also of the conversation between Dirk and Ian (I believe it was) where Dirk is imitating animal sounds (coyote?), and I've seen a brief moment of Dirk in black pants and a white shirt/white tie dancing in the lounge, but I haven't been able to find more than a couple seconds of that...I'm not sure when it took place, it looked like it was after the "obstacle course" task because of the dresses the ladies had on, but I'm not sure...

Would love to see more footage of Dirk being silly behind the couch in the lounge, doing his leg-ups and his talking hand lol (where's sockii when you need him?), and then I've read about Ian making Dirk a sock puppet, but haven't seen anything of that.

I've read too where one morning the alarm music was the A-Team theme, but I haven't seen that, only the time when they played it for the task instructions.

So much I missed!!! ARRRGH! LOL I still love reading everything tho...even when the days got tough, I admired the way Dirk conducted himself in the house and can't get enough of any stories or news from those days.

I know it's impossible to go back and see everything, but I'm sure giving it my best try LOL.

One thing I do want to get off my chest though and that's in regards to Dirk telling Cleo to get her fat a** off the couch. I'm reading in some threads where he got nailed for saying that, but speaking as one who DOES have a fat a**...I wasn't offended in the slightest. AND whether it's physically true or not in Cleo's case, it doesn't matter, because even Kate Moss' rear would look fat if it was shoved in someone's Face against their will!

OH well, I know all these issues are water-under-the-bridge now, but since I'm coming to them for the first time now, I hope y'all don't mind me blowing off some belated steam here
"Dirk...Dirk...I'm hungry now...Dirk...I want some soup..." ~DB, CBB5

"I flirt with the world." ~DB, CBB5

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