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Default Late to the Party...

Hi Everyone,

I'm new to this forum, but a long time fan of Dirk's, since the original run of Battlestar.

I have to admit I've been playing in other fandoms for the past few years, so my Dirklove has been just simmering on the back burner for that time.

After the new A-Team movie was released though, I found myself pining once again for the original TV series and resurrected my addiction to it . Surprisingly, I enjoyed the movie, but of course nothing can ever take the place of the series and the Original Face.

I also started to catch up on the busy bee Dirk has been since I last checked in on him, and I'm regretful that I hadn't been following his appearance on Big Brother as it was happening in 2007. For a couple weeks now, I've been devouring all the youtube vids and forum discussions I can find on it that haven't been taken down. I watch the youtube vids and then think OOOOHHH I have something to say about that, but then remember the discussions are long since over . I only wish that I'd been able to capture the entire live feed, as what I've found on youtube of him, although wonderful, is mostly highlights, and of course, many focus on the racism controversy.

But after watching and reading everything I could find about CBB2007, I have to just say that I am more proud than ever to call myself a DB fan.

Better late to the party than never I guess!!


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Dirk is sitting in the garden, being awesome.
"Dirk...Dirk...I'm hungry now...Dirk...I want some soup..." ~DB, CBB5

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