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Default The A-Team new collectors box

Guys.... GUYS!

I dunno if I should post it here cuz… um... so far I've only found this on but hopefully it will be available on the other Amazon realms as well soon.

There is a new special collectors blu ray box and it has SPECIAL FEATURES! From how I understand it there are just 1000 boxes that will be sold. Check this out:

There will be behind the scenes info [edit: they're behind the scenes videos of Dirk and Dwight doing the audio commentaries], audio commentaries by the double Ds and original signed art cards. Check out the video on the Amazon site. Those two rascals… doing such a great thing for us fans and keeping it a secret all the time.

I realllllllly hope this will be available in the US, too. I'm not sure whether blu ray has the same region issue as DVDs..?? The box can be preordered on but you need a prime membership for that. I had a chat with their customer service cuz my prime membership for the German Amazon did not work. He told me prime memberships only work for the specific region you ordered it for, but he advised me to do the 30 days trial membership to order the item and then cancel the membership after 30 days. Totally within Amazon TOS.

Of course I already preordered a box.

Edit: more here
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