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Default Re: What to expect at Comic Con

Originally Posted by Vballspieler View Post
It depends on the event. Sometimes you purchase tickets for pictures/autographs before going; sometimes you can decide at the event. I wold check the event website. Pictures are normally OK if you get permission beforehand. You can bring something to give as a gift. You can also bring something to be autographed if you like or decide to purchase something there. There is usually a place for food and beverages because most conventions are all-day events. The q&as are all different. It depends on how the convention center is set up and how big of a convention it is. VIPs usually get preferential treatment for seating in the q&as and access to the lines.

Meeting the celebrities: had a great time interacting with them. Some are more approachable than others. Expect a conversation with Dirk. He's very approachable. He responds to your questions/comments. It is an experience you will never forget, especially if you act like an idiot. (Er versteht Deutsch. So practice!)

Send pictures for the forum and facebook. We'll all enjoy!
If you need help with the German, remember to Skype. We're here to help
Thanks so much I really appreciate this.

To act like an idiot won't be much of a problem for me I'm glad to hear he's very approachable and yes, we'll practice our German together before I go

I will send pics and let you guys know how it went.
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