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Default Re: Dear Dirk... A Petition ❤ ❤ ❤

Originally Posted by flyngirl5 View Post
I absolutely love that idea. I've watched pretty much all of the convention interviews (and saw a couple in person!) - it's frustrating when he's starting what sounds like it's going to be a good story but then gets sidetracked, or worse, interrupted. Last convention I went to, a volunteer interrupted him to let him know he had to wrap up and go to his photo session. Of course all his fans were sitting right there because we weren't about to miss his talk. So he responded, "Who's over there? They're all right here!" LOL! Duh!

Seriously, I don't like it when the volunteers and/or moderators interrupt the celebrities. (Dude, we are here to listen to him, not you.) It's not like comic conventions are ridiculously formal, structured events. Some celebs seem uncomfortable with the more open and intimate format, so I can understand a moderator wanting to help them out. But Dirk's a great off-the-cuff speaker, so that's why we're there.

I think I've digressed. Yes, I love WelshPoppy's idea. That's the great thing about a blog; he can write about whatever he likes. He could write the first one and get hooked on it...
Haha, I remember that! That was funny.

Yes, blogging is addictive. In fact, my persuasive argument for blogging persuaded me to actually start writing posts on my third blog, which is my first personal blog (the first actual blog was John's and my macrobiotic blog, and the second was a quotes blog I've stopped keeping up with). So I blame you all for getting me to give myself a kick in the pants and start taking the risk of being publicly random and unfiltered... not counting on here, of course, where I preserve a precious vestige of anonymity.

And, after being away from the thread and coming back, I can see that y'all have been having a good time on here. What more fun and supportive audience could Dirk ask for?
... I thought so.

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