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Default Re: Major Dirk News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi eveyone!
Hope you & your family & your friends & your pets (have I left someone out?)
are well!

Wasn't sure where to put this, and apologies if it's already here but

according to the uk weblink above

"The major UK national tour of PRESCRIPTION: MURDER will continue in January 2011."

No details of which theatres. Also, I'm guessing that this will continue as a UK only tour, so sorry for Dirk fans elsewhere.

Well that sounds like Dirk has enjoyed this tour, if he's ready to do it again next year?

Perhaps we need a whole new section on 'Theatre' for this site, to complement Movie & Tv, and Cruises and Conventions etc?

Apologies if this is spam and you already know this stuff - I've been v busy for a few months and not had time to drop by.

Take care! xx
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