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Default Re: The CASE of the MISSING Battlestar Galactica



While dvo47p was deciding what to break on O.W.D., the stick legs or the weak arms, O,W,D, snuck out and ran like hell but dvo47p noticed and could run quicker, due to his almost bionic legs. Just when O.W.D. thought that he was doomed, an ice cream truck pulled up with Michael Faries driving.

MF: "Get in!"
O.W.D.: "What's with the clown suit?"
MF: "It helps to sell ice cream, now GET IN!"

O.W.D. jumped in the ice cream truck to make good his escape but not before dvo47p got a chance to rip the back bumper off the ice cream truck and bite it in half. After they made their escape, Michael began to speak.

MF: "I know what you're thinking - Does the clown nose make a honking sound when you squeeze it? Well, go ahead."

This wasn't what O.W.D. was thinking but he thought, What the hell. (HONK, HONK) This made O.W.D. laugh and Michael said, "It works every time."

MF: "Listen O.W.D., see that mountain up there? No, no, You're staring at the dashboard, Dumb-Dumb."
O.W.D.: "Sorry."
MF: "Just a second, O.W.D., I see a customer. I got to stop and get this one."
Michael pulled over to wait on a customer that looked very eager.
MF: "What can I get you?"
RGrant: "Got any liquor in there? The ladies and I need more liquor."
MF: "Sorry, the best I can do for you is Butterscotch Rum."
RGrant: "Okay, give me 5 triples. (BURP)."

RGrant walked away thinking to himself, "I got to give up drinking. I just bought liquor from a clown in an ice cream truck."

After this, Michael got back on the road and said, "Now where were we? That mountain is called Paramountain but it is owned by Hollywood and they own that one big studio that pretends to be at least 5 different studios. Are you with me so far?"
O.W.D.: "Does that flower squirt water?"
MF: "Anyways, I see you got your Indiana Jones hat on. You will need it because your quest is to climb that mountain and make your way down inside, by all the traps, until you reach the bottom where you will find all that you are looking for."
O.W.D.: "I'm not wearing a hat."
MF: "Ooops! Sorry. Nice haircut. Very trendy."

When they got to the bottom of the mountain, M.F. lifted one of his big floppy shoes and kicked O.W.D. out on the street and then drove off with an ice cream jingle ringing through the air. O.W.D. looked in the back pocket of his corduroy pants to see if his cell phone was broken. It was very uncomfortable because it was one of those big mobile phones from 1983. The phone was okay, however his a$$ felt broken. He pulled out the 3-foot antenna and made a call to ojai22.

O.W.D.: "Hello, is ojai22 there?"
Ojai22: "Speaking,"
O.W.D.: "I'm at the foot of Paramountain. The secret is in the mountain at the bottom but I have to climb up with my wimpy legs and arms and make my way down the inside."
Ojai22: "Sorry, you have the wrong number." (CLICK)

O.W.D. was as puzzled as a 4-piece jigsaw puzzle by this point but decided to start his way up the mountain. He slipped on his first step and had to start all over again.




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