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An excerpt from the book "BECOMING"

(E)ach individual awareness has within itself that creative energy that is theirs to acknowledge and to know personally. It is the focus of that subtly powerful energy that is who each really is. It appears to be apart from the personali- ty/ego that is capable of comprehending the understanding of the concept of it. It is the “becoming” of this apparently larger than life beingness that is the difficult accomplishment. Yet, there is “no other God.” That which each is in this larger reality is the only doorway to understanding the concept of what is called God.
God is not a focus of personality – individual thought processes or a benevolent creator separate from you. God is the combination of the focus of all Its parts coalesced into the composite of all. Each awareness is blocked from being a part of that composite until each realizes that it is a part of this composite. Being told that it is, means nothing at all. It is the realization that one’s self is a viable part of that composite that encompasses the totality of the being, that is what “becoming” is all about. One must become that reality and realize it is a viable aspect of the totality of God and that its input to that reality is the truth of who they are. It is not a mental realization, but one that registers total agreement within the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels of the total self. In other words, the spiritual aspect that focuses each into manifested reality finally gets the message*through to the rest of its focus that is walking around in the body. The body must register this understanding through the totality of its brain-nervous system resulting in what is called a realization that then registers as a sudden feeling sensation accompanied by an all encompassing understanding. It allows for a total change in perception with regard to the self and how this self fits into the composite picture of expe- rience. This results in a change in the perception of “God’’ which suddenly allows for an understanding that “God” equates to cosmic/galactic citizenship rather than a father/child relationship. It is a shift from “being or experi- encing as powerless” to the awesome responsibility of being a contributing portion to the totality of what constitutes “God” or the creative energy of potentiality being focused into experience in order that it can be defined and under stood.
The pivotal point at which this change takes place is not a shift from negative to positive. It is rather an uplifting to a new point in the spiral of experience that allows for a greater understanding and ability to utilize the positive/negative energies that are part and parcel of the outflow of creative energies in the individual and collective foci that result in the larger matrix or design of the whole pattern of a galaxy. It is easier to grasp the larger picture of this description than to define it at the level of each individual awareness. Each being comes to the point of their own realization in unique ways and by unique combinations of experience and wisdom. The point is often approached and rejected many times before the actual crossover acceptance happens. It requires a great deal of courage to crossover to a new and different perspec- tive of the life experience. It requires releasing well-learned*lessons and entering into a completely new consciousness of what reality truly is. For those who are on the planet Earth now, the deceptions are of such magnitude and the truth of what each being is, so well hidden, that the acceptance of the truth by the masses is such a gigantic leap in consciousness that it appears to be impossible that it could possibly happen. Yet, happen it must if this segment of the human race and this jewel of a planet are to survive.

To download this third book and the first two:

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