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Default a bond

Originally Posted by KINGFISH
I remember reading that George and Mr T used to fight over who was the star of the show to the point that they were going to bring in Bubba Smith as B.A.'s brother and T was going to quit. I am glad that didn't happen because both george and T made the show worth the time to watch. Dirk and Dwight also made the show and I will not watch the pilot since Dirk isn't in it. Dirk is the only Faceman IMHO.
No animostys between them. They keep contact by phone all the time. They did when George was alive too. Mr. T and Dwight even saw him the hospital before he died. Dirk cALled by phone he lives the farthest away up in montana. They are very close and even more so to this day. Apparently if you can catch the convetion phootage on under a-team you can see dwight and dirk hugging. T
.hey vall have a bond.
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