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Okay, this is the last - really the last - of the old site. (I think)


A Biography

Dirk Benedict, who for five years was known to millions of viewers as 'The Face' on the popular NBC Series THE A-TEAM, is perhaps on of the most refreshing and down-to-earth actors today. A native of Montana, Dirk was raised in White Sulphur Springs, a small town so far removed from Hollywood that there were no movie theaters of television throughout his childhood, 'Entertainment' for him was walking the mountains in the great outdoors of 'Big Sky Country.' And outstanding athlete who lettered in three sports during High School, he was elected to the All-State Football Team in his Senior year. He also had his own Dixieland Dance band in which he played the trombone. At this point in his life, he couldn't decide whether he wanted to become another Paul Hornung or Tommy Dorsey.

He attended Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington on a Football Scholarship. During his freshman year destiny stepped in when his football playing buddies dared him to audition for the Spring Musical "Showboat." It resulted, much to his dismay, in playing the lead, "Gaylord Ravenal." The next three years found him playing countless leading roles in the university's Theater Department. Upon graduation, with a degree in Music, Dirk decided to pursue acting. He began a two-year training program at Meadowbrook Theater in Detroit, Michigan, under the tutelage of John Fernald, who had been the Principal of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in London for fifteen years. After fulfilling the rigorous demands of Fernald's acting program, Dirk was offered a job in Fernald's Professional Repertory Co. This was followed with a season at Seattle Repertory Theater in Washington and later he spent a season with the Repertory Theater in Ann Arbor, Michigan. During this period Shaw, Ibsen and Shakespeare were his meal ticket. In between seasons, Dirk did summer stock around the country playing such roles as 'Ensign Pulver' in "Mr. Roberts" and the leads in "Star Spangled Girl," "Barefoot in the Park," and numerous other plays and musicals.

Shortly after moving to New York, Dirk landed a role in " Abelard and Heloise" starring Keith Michel and Diana Rigg, which played both on Broadway and in Los Angeles. Two weeks after the show closed on Broadway, Dirk was on his way to Sweden to star in his first film, "Georgia, Georgia" with the late Diana Sands. Filmed entirely in Sweden, the film was written by best-selling author, Maya Angelou.

Upon his return to America, Dirk was cast in the lead in "Butterflies Are Free" on Broadway. The late Gloria Swanson, whose career spanned the entire history of film, played his mother. Their mother/son relationship transcended the stage and Ms. Swanson shared with Dirk all her well kept dietary secrets for health and longevity.

After "Butterflies Are Free" closed on Broadway., Dirk received an offer to do the play in Hawaii with Barbara Rush. While there, he also appeared as a guest lead in an episode of "Hawaii Five-O." This marked his first appearance on television.

Before he had time to return to New York, Hollywood Producers Richard Zanuck and David Brown saw his performance in "Hawaii Five-O" and cast Dirk as the lead in their new psycho-thriller, "SSSSS," in which he was transformed into a King Cobra. This was followed with a starring role opposite Twiggy in her first American film, "W." Shortly thereafter, Dirk was offered the lead in Aaron Spellings television series, "Chopper One" for ABC. following it's cancellation after one season, he left his acting career for nearly three years. During which time he spent many months in the Mountains of Montana and fulfilling another dream, which was to 'see' every state in the United States.

Dirk returned to acting after these years of far-flung gallivanting with a tour of the East Coast in "Li'l Abner" with Lucy Arnaz. In 1978, producer Glen Larsen offered Dirk the starring role of 'Starbuck' in his highly promoted space-adventure television series, "Battlestar Galactica" on ABC. It propelled him into the National spotlight. After "Battlestar Galactica," Dirk returned to his first love, the theater, where he broke box office records playing 'Curley' in "Oklahoma" and 'Starbuck' in "The Rainmaker" on the John Kenley Theater circuit. His latest stage appearance was as "Hamlet," off Broadway, in New York.

Despite his active career in television and on the stage, Dirk has starred in numerous Theatrical Motion Pictures, including Alaska, SSSSS, Ruckus, Under Ground Aces, Body Slam, Blue Tornado, Scavenger Hunt, Feminine Touch.

Dirk is also a professional writer. His autobiography, CONFESSIONS OF A KAMIKAZE COWBOY was published by Avery Publishing Group in 1991. In it, he details his wild, quixotic journey from the hayfields of Montana to the sound stages of Hollywood. It also covers his bout with Cancer of the Prostate, which he had in 1975, and how he conquered it through diet. His latest book, AND THEN WE WENT FISHING (Avery), is the true story of becoming and losing a Father. He is currently at work finishing MONTANA MEMOIRS: Notes from a dangerous wordsmith, a collection of short stories covering his years growing up in Montana.

He has written two original stage plays, PUPPY DOG TALES and ACTING BECOMES HER, and several screenplays. including adaptations of both his books. He will soon make his directorial debut directing his own original screenplay, CAHOOTS.

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