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Default Re: Charlies christmas wish

I got my hands on this film, since IMDB still lists Dirk as being on it. I haven't spotted him a single time, not even in the background as an extra... :/ I wasn't expecting to either, but wonder what's the story about this one. Was his role cut due to time constrains or something else? And are there maybe footage of his part in the the cutting floor's archives?

I have heard of actors being in movies/tv series uncredited... but this is probably the first time I see a film credit someone in a part that isn't in the movie. :O Yes, he's actually credited on the end credits as Stanley!

Any clues or insight? I'm curious.

Edit: I retract what I wrote before... this looks like a familiar face (9.27 to 9.35):

(sorry it's so big, I'm used to adding width to the img tag to make it smaller, but doesn't seem to work on this forum)
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