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Default The CASE of the MISSING Battlestar Galactica


This enchanting little story was written years ago by Shawn, who used the name OLDWARDAGGIT, or owd, on the forums. I came across it recently as I was cleaning out a drawer. Immediately I thought I should post this as it has been so long since it was written. I'm quite sure it was originally posted at Colonial Fleets, but am not certain. I've lost track of the year.

As I re-read it I had second thoughts. These characters were people who were active members of the forums at that time. They all worked together, posting all over the internet to get BSG continued as a new show, having tons of fun in the process. That wouldn't mean much to today's members.

Also, owd wrote 3 chapters with the 4th coming soon. It was never finished. We waited, but the end chapter never arrived.

As I read I thought - perhaps he couldn't think of what was at the bottom of the mountain that hindered the continuation of the show. After all, Bryan Singer was having talks with Dirk about playing Starbuck again in the new show, so what was the problem? What could be stored in that mountain? In the aftermath of all that has happened it suddenly came to me what was down there, so I finished the script, writing Chapter 4. I tried to write somewhat like Shawn, but he was unique. Anyway, I finished the story and decided to post it. Perhaps a member from long ago will see it and remember and have a good laugh.

Shawn was known as OLDWARDAGGIT. He lived in Nova Scotia, was married and had a blind kitten named Chloe, I think. He was a singer with his own band that was named Short Notice. He was not only unique, but funny and loved by everyone. He sent me one of his albums, which is one of my treasures (Thanks, Twin).


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