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Barbara Marciniak Workshop. Pleiadian Anniversary 2015

This video was channeled on May 17, 2015 and posted on Sept. 2, 2015.

You think you know what is happening in the world and why. Actually, you probably don't have a clue. This is rather lengthy but worth every minute.

Some highlights:

At timeline 7 minutes, 50 seconds: Hillary as champion?

17 minutes: Chakras.

24 minutes: When you live in disarray, clutter, energy becomes stagnant. When energy can't move things start to decay.

29 minutes: Global WarmIng, what it is and why.

41 minutes: Jade Helm explained. Not what you thought.

I:28 minutes: The Grid. A black hole is a spiral in the Grid.

1:32:40: Vacancy - the body. Invitation to entities. Many people paying the price today.

1:39: Mandalas

1:50 minutes: Obama and his Executive Orders, TPP, blackmail, eunuchs and their saved genitals.

2 hours: Computer games. What they are; what they do.

2:06: Fracking. The real reason for it. ( I remember reading some info about Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet. He was asked about his next reincarnation. He said he would be born in a coastal city of Nebraska, the most landlocked state in the country. You know where the Fracking is taking place). Underground cities. Antarctica. Ark of the Covenant.

2:12: Nutrition. "Nice-itis." Emotions, mental stability, stress. . . .

2:17: What is the positive purpose that your illness serves?

2:23: "Hunger Games." Mind control, mind mocking. Religions, Races, Gender.

2:26: The Kennedy Brothers and Martin Luther King. Racial conditioning, their deaths and who was responsible. And their zippers.

Prayed of Intent -
". . . bring you ever greater clarity of mind and Peace in your heart."

Time to go to a new level.

🔮 🕑 🌹. ♌️
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