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Default Comic book order from Comic Flea Market

I'm really unhappy about a certain situation and I just had to post it here as a new thread.

In August of this year, I purchased online the 4 comic books co-written by Dirk: Dirk Benedict in the 25th century at Comic Flea Market. They even shipped them to Belgium !!!! So I paid for them and waited patiently for them to arrive ... only up until now I haven't received anything

I send an e-mail to them explaining I wasn't too happy about not receiving my order. They answered me back telling me they only print-on-demand and that many people had ordered these books. So basically I had to wait and be patient. I was very patient (if I do say so myself), but still received nothing. I send another e-mail and the company promised my order would be shipped the very next day. It would take about 3 weeks to finally get them ...
After these 3 weeks, I still haven't received my copies.

Has anyone ever ordered anything from this company? I'm starting to doubt that I ever get them I'm not about to give up. It's just not in my nature to do that. But I am starting to lose my patience
I was so looking forward to reading these comics. I do hope I'll get them before Christmas ...

Just wanted to inform/warn you guys.
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