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Posted this on Facebook and also wanted to share it here (if you guys donít like my non-Benedict related topics, please let me know and I will abstain from the provocative stuff!):

In retrospect, in December and January I observed a bunch of co-workers who developed cold symptoms and either didnít go to work or called in to meetings with a raspy voice. Chalked it up to cold season.

Recently Iíve heard from several nurses, and others (anecdotally on social media) that they have had patients contact them and say they think they might have (or had) COVID-19, over the last couple of months, but the symptoms were so mild they didnít bother to come in. Additionally, a majority of patients who came to the ER were in and out without complications from the illness.

Is it possible most of us have already had it or currently have it, and itís basically nothing unless you have underlying issues?

Hypochondriacal people have been demanding testing at immense numbers, so we saw a huge spike in cases a few months back and are still seeing a rise. This seems to be true internationally.

Is this really the armageddon weíve imagined? And if not, how can we calm people down? It seems as though the economic and mass psychological damage may be worse than the virus overall... Could the panic be politically-driven in the US? Could the numbers be padded? That seems incredibly irresponsible (even for Democrats). Our death numbers are not collected in the same manner as other nations... co-morbidities are not even considered! Someone who is 97 years old can die of heart disease while having tested positive for COVID-19, and that death is counted.

>>Caveat: I still advocate wearing a mask in public, washing your hands, and keeping things sanitary to help protect the folks who are at risk of a more severe reaction. I do NOT support ignoring CDC guidance for political reasons.<<

Interested in your thoughts.
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