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Rainbow Sprinkler Conspiracy Invades Political Forum

Posted 09-12-2008 at 11:43 PM by Nacky
Updated 09-12-2008 at 11:46 PM by Nacky
The new Palin scandals are populating the forums and fueling debates in all kinds of political hang-outs on the internet. Oy the very headache of trying to read (or I should say skim) through all the garbled news. I stay out of any conversation to do with Palin because I simply don't know enough about her and frankly, I don't think she's any smarter or prepared as Obama or McCain. I gave up on the hope that Ron Paul would win, then I had to give up on the hope that Clinton would win, but I'm still holding out for an Obama win. Not that it matters much to me. With my luck, Bush will win again. It would figure.

I still won't get involved in the flurry of debate about Palin. One reason is because I have had bad experiences with people who DON'T read my comments or letters and just love to twist my words around and make fools, then make fun of me and if I react and point out where they are mistaken or where they are wrong and that they need to re-read and act like an adult, it just makes it worse bcause so many people are evil. Just plain evil. Can't be wrong about anything even when they don't have a single clue as to what's going on. They live to cause trouble. Life is too short to even deal with them. Palin doesn't impress me. I don't hate her, don't like her, don't anything. I just don't care to debate about her. The sad thing is though, most people don't know what's going on but boy, they sure LOVE to run their mouths and act stupid. Palin could be anything to anyone. But so many people are full of their own version of whatziz that it just doesn't even bear thinking about.

So then, get this, some idiot comes into the debates which is supposed to be about Palin and posts a bunch of off-topic crap about the water supply. Then another guy found the source of this person's rants and posted the YouTube video of where they were coming from and I seriously think to myself how are these people even able to function in society! Here's the video of where all this fuss is coming: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_c6HsiixFS8

The new Palin debate, which was mainly about Palin has now turned into a debate of this person's sanity (or lack thereof) and a HUGE flamewar is underway and I'm so glad I never made a peep in any of those topics! The crazies are taking over the freakin' internet! I tell ya! Had I said ONE thing about Palin, you can bet that with my luck, I would have been dragged into it. So far, at least the political forums are relatively saner and don't feel the need to use people they don't agree with as fodder for flaming but then this person hasn't been banned yet, and I'm probably speaking too soon. If I don't say a word, I'll probably be safe but her comments are so insane that it's tempting to say something. But I won't. Already had my share of nutjobs in the past. Who knows what kind of "net mommies/nannies" are waiting to strike and pour out their so-called wisdom/wrath on those of us who might make fun of the silly goose and her "rainbow conspiracy". I can't even imagine how this person can even be taken seriously. But it never ceases to amaze me that there will always be someone who sides in with people who are obviously insane. Or stupid. Or both.

What that person says in her video is so wrong that it hurts! I can't believe that someone can actually stand there and say those things in her native accent and sound so dead on serious! Come on! Is this for real? I mean seriously, does she know how stupid she is? Seriously. Gotta love the comments though!

Another day in the life of the ongoing Obama/McCain debates.
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