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Dragonflies and bats...

Posted 08-29-2008 at 12:39 AM by ostarella
Tonight at work was total boredom for the first half, total chaos for the second. My feet feel like hot coals from all the running around I was doing. But I have to smile, too.

During the slow part of the night, I was standing by the window, staring out at the early evening (and quite sure I was meant to be out in it) when I heard a whirring noise inches from my head. Lo and behold - a dragonfly, trying desperately to get through the window. Well, I'm a sucker for things like that. I had to find a box - ended up cutting a box top in two to make one - and then I had to catch the dragonfly. Ever try to do that? Dragonflies are quick - especially when they're terrified. Of course, from a distance, you can hardly see them - so I'm quite sure the other people around thought I was either totally bonkers or trying out some new dance steps out of boredom. Finally, I just put my finger down in front of him and he crawled right on board. I closed the box around my hand and very carefully slid it out - forcing him off and into the box. Then I hurried across the shipping area for the door - everyone asking what I'd caught. You wouldn't believe how many people (big strapping men types, too) wanted to make sure I was going to let it go outside. One guy hurried ahead of me to open the doors so I wouldn't lose my precious cargo. And there were a lot of faces plastered to the windows as I finally set our little guest free.

When I worked in the warehouse, we used to have a lot of unexpected guests flying in through the open cargo doors. The lead and I were leaving bread and water on top of the fridge in the lunch area for a small starling that just could not find its way out. We "caught" each other one day - and both felt very foolish. But we kept doing it. And of course, we had bats all over. They'd get confused with all the lights and electronics down there, so it made it relatively easy to catch them and take them outside. Of course, we always had to stop at the lead's office first - she was scared to death of bats. So we'd take the box in, opening it just enough for their little claws or nose to poke out and then listen to her screech. Yes, we were mean...

Anyway, just another little thing that made me smile, and hopefully something I can draw on when other things get to be a bit too much...
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