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Blog 2: Introduction of the family

Posted 05-26-2008 at 06:32 AM by Zilfstar
My second blog. I guess the best time to introduce myself and my family. Everyone can read my subscription when I make a post. So anyone who has read it, knows we have some family “themes”. Of course those themes did not just pop out of my head all of a sudden. They have a reason why they are there. It has everything to do with who we, the members of this family, are. So:

There is my husband to start with. He is 33, a financial controller who struggles to keep family and work at balance. He works hard and for many hours if demanded (by workload or otherwise) but when he is needed at home he will make the time for it. He schedules a free day at the birthdays of our children, he tries to be at home with diner (the Dutch people here know about hell on the highways in the Netherlands, so I do not have to explain it to them. Work is 20 minutes away, but it gets up to an hour easily at rush hour). Most fun is when both kids are awake already at 5:30 AM (seldom happens), Mommy is asleep and they are invited to have breakfast with Daddy.

Then we have our Son, 6 years of age. He attends a Montessori school right across from where we live. He has much fun with numbers and likes to go on stage. My son has a difficulty in moving. You can not really tell when you see him, but he has cerebral palsy and his muscular tension is a bit too high. And he can move his joints the other way easily. So writing is a struggle, so is swimming, riding a bike, running etc. But his major problem is: his character. He has the tendency to think he can not do it. Anything new: I can’t do that! And it takes a long time before he realizes with practice he can achieve much and more. He also gets frustrated easily and is very open with his emotions. But he is also very happy, intelligent and humorous.
Just last Friday, after one and a half year of weekly instruction he swam for the first time without any helping material. All by himself. He grew tall of pride and self-esteem. And Mommy was almost in tears. He worked so hard to get to this point!

And then we have our Daughter: a 3 year old happy, dancing, theatrical girl with a mind of her own and the self-esteem of a Rottweiler. She throws herself into anything that is new, never afraid, always doing it her way. She is the other side of the spectrum. She loves showdancing lessons and can not wait to go to school, which here in the Netherlands starts when they are four. She attends a playschool 2 times a week but it gives her not enough satisfaction.

Yes we have a Yin-Yang situation with our two kids. Sometime they complete each other (when the older brother is watching his younger sister to climb into a new play-thing. If she is not afraid he will follow. When he is hurt by another kid, his young sister will defend him.) and sometimes..

And me. I am a 34 year young stay-at-home-mom. I actually am a Dramatherapist, later I turned myself with home study into a paraveterinairian. I quit working when my son was born. And for the last 5 years I am my own boss with the office at home, doing bookkeeping for other small companies. I ride horses and we have a pony to attend to (It is not ours, but we are allowed to use him) and I teach my son to ride him. We have 1 dog (a black Labrador of 2 years) and 2 cats.

So that is who we are. Next blog I will go into the family themes (I think this blog is long enough for now)
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