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It's The Small Things You Treasure

Posted 09-16-2008 at 06:46 AM by Nacky
It is truly a wonder and such a good feeling to find something that fits so beautifully together, especially when two things from totally different genres come together in such an amazing way that you just have to think it was done on purpose and so subtle, so subliminal.

Last year I had finally achieved my goal to own the complete series of Xena: Warrior Princess on DVD. I even have the cute little collector's edition that includes the top ten or so episodes, not that I really needed it...and earlier this year I had completed my Hercules: The Legendary Journeys in DVD form. These are all boxed sets and have, unfortunately gone off the market so they're rarer now.

I have been watching Hercules off and on since about February. So I hadn't watched as I did Xena, because I finished that in a shorter amount of time than it is taking me to watch through my Hercules shows. Well, I'm on season four and came to the episode of '...And Fancy Free' and I have watched this already several times. I kept thinking that the ending of the show (wherein Hercules and his dancing partner dance and wow the crowd) would go to the song 'Dancing Queen' by my favorite group ABBA. I put my headphones on, popped in a CD with the song and put the DVD right at the point when the lights go up and the intro of the dance number commences - right as the music starts with the famous piano cressendo. I cannot believe how precisely Dancing Queen goes with the finale of this Hercules' episode '...And Fancy Free' https://www.whoosh.org/epguide/herk/h408_67_fancy.html

If anyone has this show and the song, by all means try it for yourself! It begins and ends right with the exact timing of the entire dance sequence. Exactly! It is so...there! Micheal Hurst directed this episode. Earlier in the episode he is singing (well, his character of a female dance teacher is singing) and although the song he/she is singing isn't anything like ABBA, there is one little mention of a 'dancing queen'. Obvious much? Michael Hurst must be a major ABBA fan. It is so subtle but once you hear the ABBA song along with the dance sequence, you gotta wonder if he was inspired by our Swedish muses. Of course it's all done in typical Hercules style and all...but I'm telling you, it's an ABBA video minus ABBA appearing in it themselves!

The link includes a transcript of the episode and scrolling down you find the lyrics to the little ridiculous song Hurst's character sings. Incidentally, there were several Xena episodes that went well with other ABBA songs...here and there, and not necessarily all the way through (not that I've tested anyway) but have listened to CDs while watching my DVDs. I dunno, just something I'll do now and then when I want to (after seeing the show, of course). But this one, this episode and the fact that it is a dancing episode, it's so awesome and fits like a glove. This episode is an ABBA song! The episode itself is also one of the funniest ever shows they've done. Perfect! Look out Mamma Mia!
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    And now it's been realized! I noticed it wasn't posted here already since you made the video 2 years ago, so here it is for friends to enjoy:
    Posted 06-27-2014 at 11:57 PM by sherrie sherrie is offline
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    Yeah I had the idea for that in 2008 while watching the episode. It was hard to explain in English LOL! But yeah I got the video made. I made some adjustments and now it fits perfectly. I made two others. Been meaning to make some more vids.
    Posted 08-19-2014 at 07:10 PM by Nacky Nacky is offline
  • Old Comment
    Oh yes, more vids please!
    Posted 08-19-2014 at 11:16 PM by sherrie sherrie is offline
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