Do you like soccer (or, as the rest of the world calls it, football)? Dirk does in a big way, and it has become a family affair.

Dirk's son Roland and 2 friends have started Legend Soccer Company,  developing innovative, sustainable soccer gear (and only soccer gear). Learn about Legend Soccer Company at the link above. Dirk not only endorses Legend Soccer, he's involved with it - "and not only because Roland is my son."

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Posted 07-20-2008 at 04:56 AM by Nacky
Updated 08-12-2008 at 06:37 AM by Nacky
Gee, I'm glad it's raining
There's always something to be thankful for
I'm awfully glad it's raining
Cause no one sees your teardrops when it pours

And no one knows the thunder
Is your heartbreak in disguise
They think, the rainy night's
What put that sad look in your eyes

It seems I walk alone
In the bleakest of the night
How can I explain it
The years I've had to fight

I once saw the parted heavens
Glance down for a moment of time
A promise that this too will pass
And waiting while the years just combine

Sure am glad it's raining
The gentle rhythm soothes the pain inside
I'm glad the stars aren't shining
A wounded warrior needs a place to hide

Gee, I'm glad it's raining
I'm awfully glad it's raining
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  • Old Comment
    You're quite the poet. I was really touched when I read your poem.
    Posted 07-22-2008 at 07:20 PM by bibbi bibbi is offline
  • Old Comment
    It's actually a song from the movie "Ernest Goes To Camp" and I only changed a few lines. I was feeling down after the fiasco over that "thing" over at you-know-where and it just brings me to a very dark place. Know what I mean?

    It's a brilliant song, in a great movie by a great man. R.I.P. Jim Varney...
    Posted 08-12-2008 at 06:03 AM by Nacky Nacky is offline
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