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More on Dr Dotto from Kamikaze Cowboy

Posted 11-24-2008 at 11:47 AM by shastastar
Updated 01-05-2009 at 05:32 PM by shastastar
This is a short entry for the science /discovery seekers out there. I was curious if I could find out more about Dr Dotto when I read Dirk's book, and after some searching this is what I found. I thought others might enjoy it as well. This is taken from a website that talks about Dr Dotto's aura replenishing machine which Dirk mentions in pp81-85 (in my copy anyhow) of Confessions of a Kamikaze Cowboy also known as the Dotto Ring.
This is reproduced from the website https://keelynet.com/biology/Dotto.htm

Gianni A. Dotto was born in Venice, son of a prominent engineer who was the designer of two hydro-electric generating plants on both the American and Canadian sides of Niagara Falls.

His father was an Italian Marquis and since Gianni is the eldest son, he would have inherited the title had he not become an American citizen. The family is directly descended from Galileo and the Galileo Coat of Arms has been adopted for use as the Foundation's letterhead.

Before World War II, Gianni had received flight training but Mussolini never did trust the Dotto family so Gianni was drafted into the Italian Army as a paratrooper.

When Italy surrendered, Gianni was able to join the American Air Force as a fighter pilot in time to participate in numerous engagements against the German Messerschmitts before the war ended.

After the war, Gianni became head of the racing division of Alfa-Romeo and started race-driving cars of his own design. His racing career ended when his wife, Renata, served him with an ultimatum: 'Either give up racing or me.' He is a prolific inventor as he is owner of many Italian patents bearing on the automotive industry and, subsequently, just as many American patents.

He is highly educated, holding the Italian equivalent of an American Ph.D. in nuclear physics from Milan University and the same degree in mechanical engineering from another Italian technical school. Subsequently, he received a degree in electrical engineering from Wayne University in Detroit.

While Gianni was teaching at Milan University, the medical school requested the services of a physicist to collaborate with the doctors on a research project. This started him on a career as a 'Bio-Physicist;' that is, a physicist that specializes in the area of the science of physics that bears on the human body. This embraces an amazingly wide field as it has to do with magnetic fields, polarity, the various vibrations and pulsations generated by the brain and, of course, the effect of the many facets of nuclear fission on the human body.

It was there that Gianni discovered that magnetic fields induced by an electric coil and by permanent magnets had a small effect on the human body, but that a mild magnetic field created by adjacent hot and cold areas was definitely beneficial. In other words, the thermal unbalance created a magnetic field that matched the natural field of the body.

The development of the 'Dotto Ring' was Gianni's practical way of producing a piece of equipment that could impress the beneficial magnetic field on the body. The ring is 27 inches in diameter, made of heavy copper and has adjacent heated and refrigerated areas.

Through the ring he has reproduced in a compact, accessible form the same magnetic environment responsible for the good health and longevity of the Hunza people.
Visitors to Hunzaland always attribute this great advantage to their diet, air and water but Gianni could not accept this belief because there are many valleys in the Himalaya Mountains where the diets, air and water are similar to that of the Hunza's but the inhabitants of these valleys are devoid of the same health and longevity manifestations as in Hunza.

With the principle of the 'Dotto Ring' in mind, a panoramic view of Hunza valley makes Gianni's theory easy to understand. At the head of the valley there is a huge glacier or ice mass and in the valley itself the temperature becomes quite warm thus creating the thermal unbalance mentioned previously and which is re-created in the principle of the 'Dotto Ring.' When a Hunza travels across this valley, he receives a beneficial treatment from a mild magnetic field. The similarity of the 'Dotto Ring' to the Hunza valley is interesting to say the least.

Gianni has written what he describes as a 'simple explanation of just how the ring works.' Simple to a physicist perhaps but difficult for a layman to understand; consequently, the following preliminary explanation has been outlined for the purpose of clarification.

The nucleus of each cell contains a material known as the DNA, which is an abbreviation for de-oxy-ribo-nucleic acid. This subastance contains the life or genetic code. The presence and function of the DNA had long been suspected by our doctor-scientists and had been presented as a theory, but it was only about seven years ago with the development of the electron microscope that the presence of the DNA was confirmed. Now it can be seen, photographed and sketched.
Imagine a tiny ladder twisted together in a coil fashion until the unit forms a double helix. The DNA is pliable and rubbery and is never still as it constantly vibrates in resonance with brain signals and even outside influences. The DNA is polarized, one end being plus and the other being minus. A healthy DNA reproduces healthy cells and aids the body to naturally overcome and eliminat an invasion of bacteria or toxins. This, of course, adds up to good health. When the body lands within the beneficial magnetic field of the 'Dotto Ring,' polarization of the DNA is oriented properly and resonance is synchronized to that of a healthy cell.

Important animal tests required by the medical authorities have been underway for the past three years, culminating in seven official tests that were conducted under rigidly controlled conditions. The test were conducted by Professor Gerald L. Willis, Biology Professor at the University of Dayton, and Dr. Robert E. Zipf, Ph.D. Dr. Zipf is owner of a group of biological laboratories and has been Coroner for Montgomery County, Ohio for twenty years. The room in which the tests were conducted was kept under triple lock so that only Professor Willis had access to the area. Dr. Zipf performed the pathology on the test mice.

Mice, six per cage, and 8 cage per test were injected with cancer cells. In three tests, C-37 cancer cells were used and in two other test, Krib type carcinoma cells were used. The most recent tests were conducted on mice that had induced leukemia.

Results have been very good indeed. The untreated mice died in about seven days while, with a few exceptions, the treated mice survived. When the treated mice were finally sacrificed, they showed no evidence of cancer. These tests, as well as actual experience using the ring on the human body, prove definitely that there are no side effects.
Gianni Dotto has now had five years of experience in the use of his ring. For the past two years the ring has been in operation in his Bio-Physics Laboratory in Kettering, Ohio. Results have been uniformly good. ( this was in the 1970s)

There are reports the Ring technology was suppressed because the machines would levitate from the floor due to the high magnetic field repelling against the earths field.

Other reports claim Sloan-Kettering removed all funding and destroyed the machines because they actually cured cancer, can't have that as cancer is a very lucrative business.

The last I heard, Dotto had moved back to their family castle in Italy, was now in his 80's and shall we say immersed in religion.


End of Exerpt

Believe it or not, I left out most of the scientific explanation, which is also in the link I provided, in case you want the equations, copies of the patent, and pictures of the Dotto Ring as well as of the Dr himself. I would like any of you out there that have more information or anything you can find on this gentleman to post, as well as comments or your thoughts / ideas on his machine. It gives me much to read and reflect on this week of Thanksgiving in the US. This is my Thanksgiving gift to all of you ( more information on something Dirk related)

As Always with a happy heart and Cheers Hope Faith and Love

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    Amazing article, Shasta! You would expect this kind of knowledge to be taught and used all over the place, but NO. And why not? Because there is no money in it. And if someone cannot make money by exploiting this for at least a few decades, it's ignored, ridiculed and/or covered up. Heaven forbid that cancer should be cured; it would be the end of the (too powerful) pharmaceutical industry and their stockholders .... No, we cannot have that ..... It's a sad world we are living in, where worthwhile research is being censured by the Powers That Be of the various industries/governments.

    Alas for them, IMHO, it's not going to work. Although the general masses continue their sheeplike behaviour, more and more people wake up from their (chemically or otherwise) induced slumber, designed to keep them from thinking for themselves, and start to see the things for what they are.

    As we have entered a timeframe in which the magnetic field of our planet is changing rapidly on its own (www.science.nasa.gov/headlines/y2003/29dec_magneticfield.htm) the influence this will have on all of us, not only physically, but mentally and spiritually as well, can no longer be stopped. A sort of cosmic wake up call, you could say. Though I fear that for many people, who still cannot or do not want to accept their own responsibility and accountability in life, these changes will not work out favourably (increase of so-called wealth-related diseases and deaths) I have faith that enough will adapt and return to the basics of healthy human living. We can try to, sort of, surf the magnetic waves of the Earth ....

    So, I think what Dr. Dotto discovered on a small scale, might now be confirmed by the (very) large scale fluctuations in our planet 's magnetic field. Let's make sure we can enjoy the ride.
    Posted 11-26-2008 at 07:16 AM by asmay asmay is offline
  • Old Comment
    Posted 11-29-2008 at 08:17 AM by shastastar shastastar is offline
    Updated 01-03-2009 at 10:33 PM by shastastar
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