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Economic Woes in the World

Posted 09-18-2008 at 08:07 PM by Nacky
Updated 09-18-2008 at 08:19 PM by Nacky
Everything seemed to have gotten back to normal at the highly charged political debate forums, the rainbow-water-supply crazy had been ousted, the guy making threats against another guy was given a time out and the conversations went on in their usual drone. Then comes some very interesting things to look over and consider. Theo was very well spoken and stated facts. Another couple of people backed him up. The page: https://www.rense.com/general69/econm.htm was informative. He wasn't out to discredit Bush or any of the presidential hopefuls, but no, there's always going to be those people out there who love to play both sides against the middle and sit there and judge the rest of the world; calling everyone else liars when, in fact those are the biggest liars of them all. Theo had only stated the many who are quite well educated in the world of finance have been predicting huge changes in the economy of the world...as a result the issue came up of this guy who predicted a collapse of the economy would happen this month! He posted the video in May. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcuxA5gCR9k and there it is...with the date of May stamped on it. But that fact is hidden from the disgusting lowlifes who go around these political forums to try and discredit everyone they can get their hands on because they obviously have no life. In their micro communities they shout on about getting facts but refuse to actually show any that would back up their arguments against Bruce and the guy at the YouTube video.

Obscuring the date by simply omitting the actual link to the vid that shows a date of May 2008 so they can call him a liar or someone just out to fabricate evidence. Yeah whatever. These people's purpose is, of course, to get as many visitors to their site because they have this little contraversary going on and they are getting a thrill of the both sides of the political factor coming in to tear each other up. They might as well headline their blogs as "Step Right Up - It's The Main Event! Watch the Blood be Spilled!" They are blowing their horns of how well versed they are in their fight for truth and freedom and yet these act more like the dictators they pretend to detest. If Bruce had lied, where was he getting his sources? If the other guy had lied, why is the date clear and apparent that he did in fact predict something (whether or not the scale of the prediction is as huge as it seems, he still friggin' predicted what happened with those banks) so you see, it doesn't matter of one side is this and the other side is that...when you have people who love nothing better but to step into the middle of some battle and declare they will now be the great saviors and truth tellers for all to benefit from, you have the most loathsome troublemakers in the mix. What's even more pathetic is they target single people who are the more brainless of the bunch and usually the ones quick to anger and easily offended and react with hostility to try to sway them into seeing the truth (or that should be "their version of the truth") so that they have yay sayers in their little corner of their ultimate ego trippin'. Aside from their purpose for more hits to their site, there they are invading the forums with their product which amounts to nothing more than their egoes. Ergo; ego trippin'. They got the boards all fighting and they offered oh so much opinion and so-called truth by playing both sides of the battle. Their purpose? To cause even more unrest, getting as many feathers ruffled and create gaps so wide that no one will be left with any means to actually converse in a civil way with the other. How sad. They are quite expert at creating hard feelings with everyone while attempting to come out smelling like roses. It never works for them in the end! The facts had been twisted to fit their argument but gee, none of the actual facts had been put to their little rants. Funny that.

Now, as I've been just watching and not getting involved, I've said nothing of my personal opinions. Why bother? It wouldn't help and it wouldn't do me any good because I'd just get caught up in it and would have to...as usual gracefully decline the issue. Secretly, I know the poor will always get by. So I know I'll be fine. When it's all said and done, I can honestly say "Gotcha Suckas!" because nobody can take anything from me. I don't have anything they'd want. September still marches on. We'll see if there are any further disasters. It won't surprise me if there is. And maybe, just maybe, it'll shut those loudmouths-bile spewing-nutjobs up. That alone should be worth something.

Banks fail. Empires fall. Oh look, there's the ocean. Bleh.
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