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Long night...

Posted 07-01-2008 at 12:52 AM by ostarella
Was on the forktruck *all* night - 8 straight hours. My thighs are kinking up from the foot controls (forward, backward, brake) and my right knee is all swollen - hate the last day of the quarter! Rushing about trying to get as many orders on the trucks before midnight, managers standing around getting in the way and then bitching because things aren't getting laoded fast enough, temp workers who haven't the faintest interest in working fast...damn...

Good news - I was out of clean clothes so rummaged in the "rag bag" - found a perfectly good pair of jeans that I hadn't been able to wear for over 20 years (before my son was born) and they fit perfectly! So happy!!!!

Now I'm going to bed. Long day tomorrow - lots of paperwork, writing stuff, and then start the new shift - 2:30 to 11. But we have both Thursday and Friday off for the Independence Day holiday! And they're talking about the possibility of my working longer (or at least more frequently) during August and September - more spending money for the cruise in March
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    What a great feeling to be able to wear those jeans - perhaps that's why Dirk likes 'recycling' his clothes too!

    Re weather - I know the rice harvest in SE Asia was poor this year (hence the price of rice has gone up), but I wonder if the poor weather in USA will effect the grain/rice harvests there too! I used to hear lots of talk about El Nino/La Nina a few years back related to American weather, but not so much now - does that mean the meterologists no longer think the 2 are related!

    Re tornados & earthquakes - I know you won't believe me, but apparently the UK has the most tornados & earthquakes in the world - only the tornados tend to be about 10 metres across and rarely touch ground, and the average EQ about 3 on the Richter scale - sorry that doesn't help!
    Posted 07-11-2008 at 02:43 PM by deebeelicious deebeelicious is offline
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    There's nothing quite like being able to put on an old soft pair of jeans, that's for sure. The greatest thing is being able to look in the mirror without getting sick!
    Posted 07-11-2008 at 11:21 PM by ostarella ostarella is offline
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