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10-10-2007, 11:17 AM
Hello everybody,
a new story about John for you (please excuse my english, it is not so easy to write, thank you)

copyright by Petra

Now its again Halloween time in the town. Many peoples were busy to decorate their houses with pumpkins, spiders, witches and ghosts.

Cathy was a young lady in the 20s and sitting on a chair in her house as the doorbell rings. Well, its Halloween time and she took the sweeties for the kids in her hand and opened the door. She smiles. In front of her she saw a little person with a pumpkin on the head. But before she could do anything these person put his feet between the door and said with an disguised voice: “Money or dead.” Cathy was shocked and try to close the door but then she saw the little gun. “No tricks”, the person said and in the next moment the pumpkin-person was in her house. “I have no money in the house”, she cried and then she heard a click from the gun. “Really not?” the gangster asked. Cathy got in panic. She gives him Dollar 150. “This is all I have”, Cathy means and the little person run away in a few seconds. This happens on October, 30th. Cathy immediately calls the police and told them what happened.

John Striker was sitting in his new office and was smoking a big cigar. He wears blue jeans and shirt and that looks great to his ocean-blue eyes. He read the newspaper and then he stopped: Mysterious pumpkin-thief. A lot of holdups in the evening, gangster ever escape. Police helpless!

This was his turn. Whenever the police has no chance, John ever has.

The phone rings. “Hello Cathy, how are you? So long a time I heard nothing from you. How is your husband, Mike?” “Oh, sorry, John, it happened so a lot the last year. I got divorced and now I live alone in a little house and yesterday”, Cathy begins to cry, “yesterday I was attacked by a little person, not a child, I think, he wants all my money, he had a pumpkin on his head, John, I was so afraid and shocked, he hold a gun on me, I gave him Dollar 150. John, today its Halloween, maybe the person will come again to my house. Could you help me?”

Oh Lord, a helpless woman needs John, of course, he would help.

“Cathy, do you call the police?” he asked. “John, they told me, there were a lot of holdups in the last time but they have not catch the thief.” “Well, Cathy, what do you think, should I come to dinner to you?” Cathy was glad. “Thank you, John, many thanks.”

John arrived at 5 p.m. “Come in, John. I cooked a meal, hope you like it.” Johns smells to the kitchen. “Rice with brown beans and a very special soup.” Johns smiles: She knows it, she has not forget it, that this is my favourite food, he thoughts.

After dinner they heard soft music and it was a really good candlelight dinner. Now John and Cathy talked about the past as John heard a cry from the neighbourhood. John stands up and was running to the windows. On the opposite side of the road he saw a little person with a pumpkin on his head. “Now, I will catch him!” he shout to Cathy and then he runs across the street. John is a really fast runner. The other person begins to run too and suddenly he was fire about John. John rolls to the side and took his pistol too. “You have no chance”, he cries. “Stop it!” The other person opened fire again and he runs away in the little wood behind the house. John after him. John was faster and with a jump he was over the pumpkin-person. “YOU CAN RUN BUT YOU CAN’T HIDE!” he said to him and he took the pumpkin from his head. For a little while John was shocked. “I can’t believe this”, he said. And in this moment he saw in a face with tears. Many, many tears were rolling over the cheek of the pumpkin-gangster. “I did it for my father, he is so sick, if I don’t got the money, he will die!” John saw in a young face. It was a face of a girl. “Girl, this is not a game, you shot of me”, he said. “Tell me your name”. “Nelly, my name is Nelly. I never wanted to shot”, she cries. “I was so afraid, I never thought that I would do it” and then she cries again and John has a lot of work to cool her down. In this moment he heard the police-siren. A policeman came to them. “It is all right”, John said. The young girl saw in his eyes. “Mister Stein said, if I want to get money for my dad, only 50%, I can work for him. He said it would be easy to get money from the peoples in the Halloween time. “Who are Mister Stein?” John asked. “My father works for him. I was afraid if I would not do what Mister Stein said, he would cancel the job for my daddy. My father is really sick, he would never get a new job. And if I not have done this”, she looked at the gun “I could not pay the money for the hospital and the doctors. And then....”, Nelly cries again a lot. The policeman behind John said nothing. “We will see girl, we will see”, John said and drives away with her in the policecar.

One week later Mister Stein was in jail and John was standing between Nelly and her father, who lies in a hospital bed. “Thank you, Mister Striker. Nelly is not a bad girl. Thank you for help us.” “This is a part of honour”, John answered.

“CUT”, the director said, “Douglas, you are the best!”

The End

10-14-2007, 10:42 AM
Das War Sehr Gut! That was very good!