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10-08-2007, 07:37 AM
Hi All

Just found this very interesting article and want to share with you...Hope you guys enjoy readin' it as much as me :wink: and pls share yr comments/thoughts on this 8)



10-08-2007, 11:57 AM
I enjoyed what I read of this one last night, so I'm glad it got brought up on DB.org.
I find it interesting that both Dirk and Richard Hatch have compared doing a series to marriage :D

I need to go back and properly read it when I get home. Last night I just skimmed to find one passage to see if the interpretation being put forth of said passage held water.

I also liked the way the writer ended it, asking if Dirk was Chuvanistic of an old fashioned romantic :P I've found the same actions/thoughts are both and it just depends on who you ask and how the world has shaped 'em.

Though I certainly think there isa huge difference between
"I want a women who . . ." versue 'Women should . . ." though I've certainly seen Dirk say both.

10-08-2007, 10:02 PM
This was an interesting article on Dirk's perspective.
But it's over 20 years old.
Pre marriage, pre children.
Pre divorce.

I think, I would find it more interesting to compare his views of today against those he espoused then. To see the changes. Or not. Depending on your perspective. 8)

Or to go back even further. For those who have read his books, to the '84 article, to today. The world has changed, and if you look at the world he was born into, grew up in, and lives in today, I think a better understanding ( perhaps? ) would arise on the "why" Dirk feels the way he does about certain issues.

I think a lifetime of experiences shapes that which we believe in. And Dirk, whether you agree with anything he has to say or no, is just a man who has, over the years, given the reader HIS perspective on life as he sees it.
Right or wrong isn't the issue at all.
It's all in the "why".

Just my thoughts.

10-09-2007, 04:04 AM
Dear All
I wish I've read this article a lot sooner than this :roll: ....The More I've read books/articles he wrote....The More, I get to know Him :wink:..with lots More of Respect/Inspiration/Admiration :D..Not many people, I'll praise this much, You know :wink:...Dirk..Please keep on Writin'...I love to read and learn about you More :lol: .

Now I understand why all fans who'd met Dirk..always sayin'..He's such a Great Down-To-Earth..ordinary/normal Guy/Human-Bein' :D...He is :!: ..pity, I's still in my study & never allowed to read 'PlayGirl' Magazine :shock:...I'm catchin' up even it's 20 ys behind :lol:

10-09-2007, 06:49 AM
This was an interesting article on Dirk's perspective.
But it's over 20 years old.
Pre marriage, pre children.
Pre divorce.

*Nods* That was a point I made on DB.org; however, l what I find interesting is they aren't that different, and least not the baises. The specifics have changed a bit here and there, but as far as the general outlook expressed int he article it fits what he's written in his most current Blockbuster essays as well as what he was saying all the way back in '78. :)

So yeah, I think it's still fun to dig it up read (or re-read), just to see.
It's kinda like fiinding someone's old sketchbook or something. It's still clearly there art, but you can see where they changed and improves, changed, and maybe, sometiems, was better earlier.

It's all in the "why".
In this specific case I'd mostly agree, but in general, oh no. Sometimes it has to be a question of right and wrong and the why is irrelevent, or at best and explanation, but not an excuse. People forget that sometimes.

10-09-2007, 07:50 AM
Dirk's articles have always kept me off-balance. I can't "just" read anything he writes - I have to stop and think about what he's said, what it *sounds* like he's saying, and what he could/probably/might mean. :roll: But, IMHO (and I may be all wet) his "thing" seems to be a disdain for anyone who follows the leader, instead of finding their own way, whether it's women or actors or whatever. And I don't think that's changed over the years. The one difference I've noted is that in the earlier articles I've read, (and of course filtering some things as being the interviewer's "imagination" versus what was actually said) there was a certain almost naivety (even for someone in his 30s and 40s), and in later articles there's something...not bitterness or cynicism, but maybe resignation. A disappointment that things haven't changed, that people are still following the almighty dollar, the almighty ad campaign, the fast fix instead of the hard work. Or maybe I'm just reading my own disappointments into his words. (I always waffle when I start talking about what I think he's thinking :roll: )

10-09-2007, 02:33 PM
I too have read that article. I frequent that site quite a lot.
Everyone has made very good points. Tracy, Ostarella et all.
I too reflect on what Dirk writes. I contemplate it and more than once have copied many of his quotes and read them on a day to basis. Dirk has an amazing way of really getting right into your mind and into your heart and spirit. Wouldn't you all agree? :wink: I sure do.

10-09-2007, 02:59 PM
I too found the article interesting........it gives us an understanding of Dirk's thinking, even if it is over 20 years old :shock: I also agree that the more books/articles we read that Dirk has written, the more we get to know him as a person :wink: I would encourage him to write more, as he has a true talent with his literary skills :wink: Keep it coming Dirk :wink:

10-09-2007, 07:41 PM
Ono thing I always find interesting about Dirk's writing, and I think I mentioned this on DB.org, is parts of it often strongly remind me of my father. :P

I don't know, I never really read his things for the philosophy of it (maybe because half of it I grew up with anyway) but just for the errmmm I guess hisotrical connection for lack of a better word. I've always loved reading the writings of people's whose life experiences are far far from mine, and Dirk's is certianly that.

But it's more the same way I love sitting down and listening to my Granfather talk about back in the day, or my mom tell me things about how she grew up, things like that.

On a whole other track with his articles then an now, one thing I've found is he doesn't really seem to have dissapointed himself. I'd say 95% of the interviews with people in the teen magazines are kinda painful to read because I get to see what there hopes and dreams were then *knowing* what they are now (Like Micheal Jackson, 0.o)

But with Dirk it's kinda neat because he's always talking about how he wants to write a book and all these other things that I can look at and it's jsut kinda neat to see someone who actually did what they wanted to and it's all kinda worked out instead of becoming scary and tragic.

Actually Dirk kinda reminds me of Hobbes in a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon with that.
Calvin asks Hbbes if Hobbes could wish for anything in the world what would he want, and Hobbes thinks and then says "a tuna sandwhich" and Calvin mocks him for not wishing for something biger and grander.
Then later Hobbes has made himself a tuna sandwhich, looks over at Calvin and says "I got my wish"

That really reminds me of Dirk. :D

10-09-2007, 11:33 PM

You are right. The Calvin and Hobbes comparison actually is quite fitting. :)

10-10-2007, 04:13 AM
Hi All
Sorry :oops: guys...for my typin' error on this topic..I'd have write the Correct word...(always in the rush :roll: )...infact, it's an Article about Dirk :wink: ..if Tracy can alter it for me, it'd be great help :?:
Also...should anyone can find any interesting /interviews/articles/writings or etc., in which Dirk'd written or in it :!: ...Pls Bring it on to share with us...I'd love to read and learn about it.....Such Wisdom words fr Dirk, I can learm more and more about Life...in all aspects..which's so profound, meaningful, thoughtful,discovery and so on.....just like to open up a Pandora Box, which's full of wisdom/fascination :D .